The COVID-19 Updates

Tesco’s do 4 for €10 660ml as well so same. It’s a different taste than Peroni - no as light tasting or gassy. I like it a lot now and buy every other time with Peroni.

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Thought you have to wear masks in supermarkets now?

I’ve been in ones where the staff don’t even were them :upside_down_face:

While all in a supermarket are supposed to were them, I was in Aldi on Saturday and of the customers I saw, I doubt if even 50% were wearing them.

Regarding staff, all staff are required to wear them, unless they are behind a protective screen. All the staff on Saturday were doing one or the other.

Would love if shops actually enforced a “no mask, no entry” rule.


That’s how it is in Ballyferriter

I drove to Tesco earlier, realised I’d no mask and went home for it.

What hope is there when loads of people on facebook actually think this is real.

Some counties not seeing any real rise cases in a long while…Carlow, Kerry, Kilkenny, Leitrim, Longford,Roscommon, Sligo, Tipp, Waterford, Wexford and Wicklow.

Other counties seeing a good aul rise in 1 week
Clare 19
Dublin 99
Kildare 69
Laois 37
Limerick 18
Louth 32

Pubs be lucky to get restricted opening hours I think . Not sure they’ll get the green light.

Nightclubs haven’t a hope though

Might get something like 3-11pm or something for pubs.

I think If pubs open 3-11 as you say and can make sure people social distance, have table service, nobody sitting at the counter and limit people to 2 hours or so then I can’t see a problem.

Basically doing all the things that pubs that serve food are doing !!

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Pun intended?


Agreed yea, that’s the only way it’ll work. Pubs who are able to use space outside should be facilitated where possible, councils and garda need to be flexible so long as they’re making an effort to do things right.

I do agree actually and any found breaching the rules lose their liquor licence.

Just not convinced they’ll do it pre the schools opening . But I think we’d be better off doing it and getting to 30 September knowing what works and what doesn’t in advance of the winter.

Should know today .

Agree. Allow them to open but also allow them to be punished

There’s probably not much point restricting it to 2 hours if you can just pop into another pub next door without needing a second feed. In fact it’d be better to have people staying in the one pub rather than going on pub crawls. Having an earlier closing time certainly sounds like a good idea though.

If they don’t allow the pubs to reopen now it’s hard to see when they’ll let it happen. The current numbers aren’t going to get much lower for the foreseeable.


But if places were only doing ‘walk-ins’ and you had to queue to get in it might turn a few away from doing a pub crawl as it’s going to be restricted on how many can be in there anyway.
But you know yourself is a publican going to ask you to leave after two hours if there’s no one outside to replace you and you are spending money.
Maybe the two hours could be a thing for the weekend to stop people going on the absolute piss in the one pub.

Yup, good summary.

so lessons to be learned from elsewhere, this is not entirely without risk.

I honestly can’t see the rural lobby in Government not getting what they want later today, not a chance Nightclubs will be allowed open yet. Until the Gardai can go in and close the non compliant businesses (not just pubs) there will be a certain number of owners who will push the envelope to make a bit more lost revenue back.