The Covid -19 Updates

Disappointed you didn’t show up

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Did anyone ? :rofl:

just Jim Corr and Van Morrison


Nobody deserves that private message me come round to my place cheap beer half decent wine :+1:

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Last week they wanted to tax people for working from home, this week they’re wanting ridiculous fines for leaving home

how much did dominic get fined …

That was fine apparently


Alternative thread name :wink::joy::+1:

Covid operations SN ARMY RANGER

This takes the biscuit:

They’ve been a public relations disaster my entire career. Just absolutely clueless.


The total lack of awareness of hospital staff, cleaners, shop assistants etc who have been going to work for the last six months… with no wriggle room…and the ASTI feels sorry got itself?? Mother of God!!


The ASTI do secondary teachers no good at all.

HSE says our test and trace model can’t cope with additional surges
It’s going to be a fun winter in Dublin . How can most European countries set up good structures around this and we can’t …

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Bill Gates gets it in the neck again


They’re a total embarrassment to the profession.

Robbie Williams out protesting now


What I havent seen from NPHET is what level of increases in cases did they expect once we opened up a bit? What would have been an acceptable increase to them?

It’s increasingly obvious that what they’re protecting is the HSE and Governments from their own incompetence. The sad truth is there is not a single political party in this country which will change that


I would suspect any ballot will be defeated.

The lockdown should have been used to prepare for opening up, to hire people for swabbing and contact tracing and to make sure that we would have enough hospital beds for the entirely predictable increase in cases when we opened up. However, none of that happened. We opened up. The virus spread (that’s what they do, the auld viruses) and NPHET and the govt blamed people for living. They need to stop lying, stop hiding, stop running from the virus, be honest about the state of the HSE and spend money on it.