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To start:

Dalian Atkinson (former Ipswich, Sheffield Wednesday,Real Sociedad and Aston Villa player) died after being Tasered by Police.

Could you imagine what might have happened if they lost!!!

Am I reading this wrong or was the Guard from the losing club?

Owenmore won the game by two points to reach their first ever top-grade minor final, but some of their club members were upset that Mr Hynes had played eight minutes’ additional time at the end of the game at Shamrock’s Coola pitch. There had been 12 substitutions in the second half.
Det Gda O’Neill, a member of the Shamrock Gaels club, was among a number of people who went to escort Mr Hynes from the pitch as he was being verbally abused.

Appears that way - he was from the home (losing) club and battered by the winning teams supporters.

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WTF! Had to check it wasn’t Waterford Whispers

Man charged with punching newborn baby in Tesco supermarket

Should’ve gone to Specsavers.

Fair play to Everton.

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Tá síad ag teacht.

“The Sadhvi was born and grew up in Bras, a small village in Karnal district, and a few years ago set up an ashram in her village.”

Sounds like a line from a Mr Blue novel.

Farewell Fidel…

What did we do do deserve this ?

Probably means that Enda will stay on for the visit…

Heard the news report on it - that Inda met the Pope for 23 minutes . Along with Inda, there was Inda 's wife, the ambassador to the Vatican , and another important person followed by another more important person and on and more underlings and permanent secretaries to the Holy See and emissaries etc . By the time the intros were done and the anthems played that can’t have left much time for chat . What’s wrong with sending a letter to announce the gig ?

He would have missed out on a junket to Rome with the wife :wink:

A plane carrying 81 people, including a Brazilian football team, has crashed on its approach to the city of Medellin in Colombia, officials say

What a twat!!!

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It’s gonna cost him.

Come on back Bertie, all is forgiven