The Good TV Thread

BBC 4 tonight at 10pm. Parkinson meets Muhammad Ali.

Did anyone watch “Love, Nina” on BBC 1 recently? It was an adaptation by Nick Hornby set in the late 1970’s. I thought it was quite entertaining, particularly the two young boys playing football-mad brothers.

God rest you Mrs Merton. So funny and such brilliant writing - loved her material.


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Comedy Legend. Her opening question as Mrs Merton to Debbie McGee was brilliant… And Debbie McGee was a great sport.

Chris Evans has resigned from Top Gear.

Game of Thrones finished up with a bang.

Finally watched first season of Fargo - excellent all round.

Not surprised, it was only ever going to be a success if they had differentiated enough from the format that Clarkson, May & Hammond had championed. They didn’t and the show tanked. C’est la vie!

Evans is also facing the possibility of a historical sex offence investigation.

Any one else on here have Eir as your telly provider? They are giving us the Setanta/BT Sports package for free. Re naming them Eir Sports 1, 2 & so on.

I’m with Virgin (old UPC) for TV & Broadband. Tied into a year long contract but that finishes end of next month, will be interesting to see what Virgin offer if/when I try to change :grin:

Good movie - Green Room.

Jeremy Saulnier (?) follows up the excellent Blue Room with a brilliant tale of when shit goes bad in backwood America for a gigging band. Bit gory but nothing too mad.

Ok anyone watch Stranger Things? Killer soundtrack and great homage to the 80’s. Have to say pretty much loved, stick it on and switch of the brain for 45 minutes. Invokes memories of watching close encounters of a third kind, all the b movies shite such as the wraith etc. Cant wait for season 2.

Woody Allen’s latest, Cafe Society, is very good.

Watched the first episode of The Night Of, 8 part HBO miniseries starring Riz Ahmed (Four Lions fame) and John Turturro. Basic story is man meets girl, goes home to her place, and when he wakes up she is dead. Decent so far.

You gotta laugh.

Anyone watch the first episode of Westworld? I have to say I liked it. Has potential.

Saw it and not sure what to make of it to tell the truth, will watch a couple more episodes anyway.
That said I don’t think Games of Thrones will be to worried about it as yet!

Ciaran Kilkenny likes Game of Throw-ins.

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Started well. Think might go the way of Lost though.

Anyone watching season 7 of the walking dead?

Watched the 1st & 2nd episodes of the new season … 1st episode was really tough viewing, won’t spoil it by saying what happened, in case you haven’t seen it yet. Found the 2nd episode slow.

Each episode concentrated on one existing character rather than on a few characters like previous series, although this might be just at the start to introduce new characters to the viewers.

First episode was horrific. Haven’t seen it as graphic since everybody ate Chris in season 6.