The Good TV Thread

The sleeping habits of the ayotallah😅

What in the name of jaysis made them think changing the theme was a good idea.:rofl:

Brolly on Cavanagh :joy::joy::joy:

And the look on Sheflin’s face beside him. :laughing:

Henry probably thought the ayotallah was some East Cork hurling guru .

You mean he’s not? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It was made all the better by knowing how much they dislike each other.

Crackin’ great telly all the same.

Not as extreme or insane. The Ayatollah that was.

Been watching it since the beginning and like it . Half way through the last season . Motoring along nicely , hopefully there’s a satisfying conclusion to the series .

Madalorian was a bit a so so for the latest ep. Felt like a filler except for one moment . Not enough Yoda :sweat_smile:

Cheers is still on C4. That’s a great show.

Season 3 just started last week. Fraser made his first appearance.

You can see how frail Coach has become in real life.

Maybe nostalgia. But probably my fav sitcom of all time after Sgt Bilko.


Cheers was brilliant.

So many good characters…with Woody, Fraser, Lilith, Rebecca yet to join.

Really good writing.

The Cheers restaurant is still open in Boston.

Says a lot about the show that it’s held its appeal after all these years. And yet it was ready to be canned after season 1.

There never was a Cheers bar in Boston. (Not the one featured on the show anyway.) Just the exterior shot. The show was filmed on a Hollywood set.

True. It’s only now they’ve a restaurant.

Think it was based on the dog and finch or something similar.

When coach died…only Cliff was able to attend the funeral as the rest of the case was on LA. Which seems kind of mean.

This is true. It’s in beacon hill. Very swoosh around there.

Was in Boston once. Thought it was cleaner than NY…at least the part I was in.

Also thought it looked more European if that makes sense. We were near a university with lots of wide streets, trees and cafes.

It is very European, but then again it’s very old. Well, old by American standards anyway. Very compact too, which is great for doing touristy stuff.

Best little city in the U.S.A.

Nice spot, in the scheme of things boston is like Dublin and New York is like London.

Lived in Boston and loved it! Would love to go back to live there.