The Good TV Thread

Boomtown Rats tearing up photos of Olivia Newton John and Travolta (:clap::clap::clap:) before performing Rat Trap.
ELO doing that Lotto song Mr Blue Sky. Elvis Costello (Chelsea). Sham 69 (awful crap).
Johnny Mathis and some chick in a duet. Manfred Mann’s Earth band.

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Blinded by the Light?!

Johnny Mathis - with Deniece Williams?Too Much Too Little Too Late?!

Woman’s Work.

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Davy’s on the road again. Yes that duet…story of my life.

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The guy who composed all the music and wrote all the songs? I visited his/their studio. It was so 70s I went in looking 2010, and came out of it with a mullet and sideburns

Wearing different clothes again and if you see Jean now ask her please to pity me.

Written about Davy Fitz apparently.

i love this film. watched it tonight highly enjoyable.

2010: The Year We Make Contact

Helen Mirram a looker in her day.

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Suffers from being the sequel to one of the best films ever made. But in its own it’s not bad.

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am i right in saying that’s Arthur C feeding the pigeons in front of the White House? Heywood is talking with some official…

i agree it’s a hard act to follow. but i love the books all four of them

Also big fan of Roy Schneider. The man fought nazis, great whites and Aliens… some going.


It is indeed Arthur C. Agree about Scheider. Very under rated

big fan of arthur’s later works especially a time oddesey… decent enough read. i had a rare limited edition of his collected works of short essays and her indoors gave them away to a jumble sale shop. we didn’t speak for two months.

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Gene Hackmans sidekick in the French connection too.

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indeed. Super actor in fairness.Always reminds me of my uncle.

Barry Norman called it ten past eight. Great film though, all of them.

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On Schieder, one film of his that often gets overlooked is Sorcerer. Directed by William Friedkin, it’s a remake of Wages of Fear. It is about a group of men hauling volatile explosives across the Andes and through jungle and has a great electronic score by Tangerine Dream.

It got mixed reviews when it originally came out, but has gotten reevaluated more recently, don’t know if it is available to stream anywhere, but I picked it up on bluray a couple of years ago.

Just watched the two episodes of Billy Connolly, Made in Scotland.
For me, I still rate him outside of the top couple of stand up comedians of all time. But I will put him as one of the funniest people to have ever walked the earth.
He is also such an accomplished musician, vastly underrated in that department.
It’s sad to see how Parkinson’s is affecting him but much more heartwarming to see how he is facing and dealing with it.

Yes inspirational for many, breaking alot of barriers. Albeit with the finances to get all the best of treatments and comforts

i’ll watch this.

Hard to conceive of how different travel was back then! Shame they didn’t quite get to meet Mr T

Just watched it, very good. They are a good double act. Didn’t know it was only 2 weeks after the Air India crash.