The Good TV Thread

Watched Woodstock99 last night. Its in sky documentaries so I guess that’s the HBO one. There is one in Netflix as well I must catch.

Scary shit and as someone slightly older than the mob there I can draw a line from the pissed off entitled white frat boy shitheads pandered to by the nú-metal scumbags right to the rise of trump via Bush.

When we were in kerry last week we binged on a few TV shows we hadn’t seen (or lost interest in) which are in Netflix. The good place was one of them, I remmeber seeing the first three seasons on rte2 but now we’ve started in the 4th.

We have netflix, paramount+ and prime with the sky package but don’t really watch a massive amount on them, not much content appeals.

Thought don’t look up was excellent, the sort of thing netflix may be dumping.

I thought Don’t Look Up was entertaining. It could have been better (and funnier). But it’s definitely worth a couple of hours. Surge is decent too… airport security worker goes nuts (understandably) and rampages through London.

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Woodstock 99 was of it’s time, which is awful.
Good time to remember that the original Woodstock was not really all the greatness it was made out to be. Summer of Soul might’ve been nearly as good despite so much less glory, hype, coverage and variety of acts

Wasn’t mad about it

I had no idea it was promoted by the original promoter. He really did change from idealist young man to capitalist pig completely.

It was pure white boy fraternity scumbags. Along with some truly pathetic acts on the stage. About as far away from the original as you could possibly be.

Thought Surge was v good too. The aul anxiety levels take a while to simmer down after.

Watched start of Dont Look Up. Thought it was brutal so discontinued. Did same with the Last Duel last week. Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Adam Driver. Absolute pants. Likes of Ridley Scott have had their day imo. Probably had it well over a decade ago actually.

Thought the Woodstock 99 documentary was class too. Just mad shit.


yeah well worth a watch.

watched the series on sky a few months back and it was like holy shit.

will watch the netflix one (have watched episode 1)

as for Disney - had it the first year and now have the brothers log in - dont think there is anything great on it.

have the apple tv - but must get a decent watch on it and cancel it
amazon prime - can be so so
Netflix is what it is.

How much are people out there spending on all these subscriptions? Have zero myself, I just use Torrent to download the best of each and watch to hearts content. We’re taxed enough is the way I see it. Cynical side of me feels these streaming sites is just the industry’s latest attempt at defeating the pirates. Decent content spread out amongst multiple operators. Have to have multiple subs which equals big $$$ obviously.

Stuff costs money to make. Has to be paid for. And certainly to avoid the ads that’s fine with me. Don’t have them all. And they’re not massively expensive.

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They all add up though

Netflix i have a few hangers on my subscriptions thats 20 odd a month.
Prime and apple - might be 20 between them

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Yeah, that might be it.

I watched the NF Woodstock doc. Crazy stuff altogether. Pretty balanced too in that it showed how poorly the punters were treated (inadequate portaloos that leaked, no shaded areas in 90 degree heat, 12 dollar bottles of water by the end).

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My two basics are Netflix and Prime, the latter being essentially free given that I have it for shopping deliveries anyway.

A few others, HBO, Hulu, Shudder (horror movie app) I rotate. Doesn’t work out at too much if you remember to cancel the ones you’re done with for now. I also don’t have cable tv which definitely brings the cost down.

The priciest is gaago for the year, but sure what can you do?

They make enough money though, that industry. Ordinary folk like us are bent over a barrel all day every day by the elites, so if there’s a way around it I like to find it. As Bosco says it all adds up. Few of my peers paying 50e a month for different sites (easy now!). Madness. No Ads on torrent. Often a better picture and sound quality too. You should give it a whirl Alan

To be fair I do pay 13e a month for NowTV. Don’t have Sky and never had much luck with likes of Modbro or links etc on line. Bargain imo, you’d get all the golf, the Summer GAA, and the odd Premier league you’d fancy watching.

See I couldnt be arsed with all that. Would forget to cancel and have to take the hit. Swines. With torrent I just pick a show every couple weeks and binge. Rarely get time for movies anymore, but they’ve been generally trash the last few years since #metoo, the aul pandemic, culture wars, cancel culture, advent of streaming services and so on. Cant remember last brilliant one I watched.

Netflix and Disney allow for a certain amount of
Multiple log ins so it’s really not that expensive overall. We spread it through the family and it works out ok. Don’t like watching stuff on small screens.

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I’d agree about movies. Haven’t seen a genuinely great film since before the pandemic. The Oscar stuff the last two years has been vastly overrated. Some very good looking films coming up this year. Or at least they sound good. We’ll see.

Alan, you’ll have to get with the program. You mirror it/USB etc it on to the 50" Plasma and you’re away in a hack ! But sure if you’re paying feck all for yours happy days.

Don’t have a plasma TV. Which aren’t exactly cheap afaik :joy:

Sure there seems to be a draw for one every day on line, chance your luck! Think mine is around 30", tis grand. Paid 500e for it in 2013 and tis still going strong, thank god.