The Good TV Thread

I Tonya is very good .


I like many took a view based on media perception, but I felt I was a bit better educated after watching it
Have to say M Robbie just gorgeous even when she’s trying to look like s redneck

Only for it was real life there definitely was a smell of Fargo about it

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Watched all of first series of Better Call Saul. Very good show. Love the relationship between Jimmy and the brother, so much well-observed in that situation. Two very good actors of Irish heritage there too!
It’s a bit over-light at times but the subtlety of the torchlight on US society is part of what makes it so watchable.

Anybody seen Yellowstone? Didn’t like it at first but growing in me a little bit when able to watch without certain other parties sniping away and harrumphing about the deficits!

Brian Cox on TLLS , Id like to hear what Logan has to say but do I want to hear the question from RT ??
Might tape and fast forward, not giving up a full night to that twat

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Why bother watching at all? When Bryan Cranston was on, all he got was the usual shitetalk about family ties to Ireland and liking Guinness. I mean, Walter motherfcuking White like… :roll_eyes:


Actor or Professor

Actor , going to speak about Scottish independence, just not sure I can put myself through RT asking the questions

Apple Tv’s ‘Bad Sisters’ is an easy watch so far. I finished Episode 6 last night. I believe there are 10 episodes in all. :+1: :+1: It’s being shown weekly.

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Its a good watch alright

No longer on it due to unforseen circumstances. Will be on it a later date

Heard it was due to Marty wanted slot to promote panto.


Heard he thought Gaybo still fronted it

At least decision made on tuning in

Yeah it’s good alright. Enjoyable

Finished two seasons of Better Call Saul, enjoyable, with some very good parts. Has it intersected anywhere with Breaking Bad at this point that I might’ve missed? I’m guessing use of the name ‘Chuck’ was a nod

There’s a fandom website that shows all the subtle overlaps with breaking bad. I didn’t notice any but breaking bad was 6/7 years ago for me.

5 weeks or so ago I had never seen an episode of either Saul or Breaking Bad.
Will never be able to say that again.


I am not sure if watching so much so quickly is the best approach. Not a very healthy use of my time either come to think of it.
That said I really enjoyed the storylines and of course the acting. Top drawer stuff.
First few episodes of Saul, which I watched before Breaking Bad, I found myself lol. Not much laughing after that.
Surprised that Breaking Bad didn’t tail off in the final series or two which is testament to the excellent writing and acting.
I did find the mass poisioning of cartel guys maybe the weakest ploy in the series, and the servo motor powered assault rifle in the boot stretching it a lot, but very small quibbles.
10 out of 10 for both series for me.

ps I thought The Wire was brilliant and still do. But that was a very different type of show dealing purposely with big societal narratives in a different way.