The Good TV Thread

He’s probably out with Dermot Bannon shopping for their matching Toy Show onesie’s.


Another year. Youngest has about two more years of this shite and then my long long struggle will be over. But I can write the script. the greatest showman gets to show his unique interviewing skills. No doubt there will be plenty of opportunism and tokenism on show on the current tragedies about homeless Irish people, how kids can’t get access to Autism support, how the cost of living is biting hard. Box ticked. bellies tickled. Can we put the tv license up now? Ryan he just cares about people. He just does

And while this all is happing ill be supping on these :slight_smile:

Happy Christmas one and all!


Nah, I have Dermot on the payroll to do deign me new Man Shed. Ive misunderstood him all these years.

Dermo is doing your manscaping?

That’s waaaaay too much information there pal !

Same. He’ll be 21 then.


they grow up to fast


Flicking through the stations and landed on RTE 1 and there was a cocky mouthy little fooker , id love to slap the head off , WHO knew
Also does no one ever get the kid’s haircuts any more
Alert old fart posting

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ah ■■■■ the beer has stopped working. let it snow, give me snow, shoot me and snow me no mercy .

:rofl: :rofl:



driving into the town with the daughter i asked did she enjoy the toy show? her answer… nah it was kind of boring and the same as last year., ok i said (and inside i’m doing a flash dance of celebration!)

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Watched the first andor on disney+ not bad, more like blade runner kind of atmosphere then star wars

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It’s excellent. Now i’m a big sci fi nerd. But andor and Rogue One are for me the best of all star wars followed by empire strikes back and the mandalorian. The rest take it or leave it.

But stick with Andor it’s excellent. Kerry actress in it and she is excellent.

sorry now when i say not bad, i mean it seems pretty good, liked the looks and feel of it. better then most of the new SW stuff. will definitely be sticking with it.

Watched the first obi wan one and it seemed alright…ish - it worth sticking with?

Arcane on Netflix is very nice animated sci-fi thing, only watched the first two so far but gorgeous looking

It has it moments. That’s all I’ll say.

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We still did the late late over here on Friday night. The youngest is only 8, so trying to keep some christmas cheers going for her. so the misses organised the night, snacks, drinks etc and I looked after the alcohol. I was rubber by the end of it, so it wasn’t as painful to watch


We actually had a match again your own club in Dads and Lads on Friday. I had to miss it because we had to watch that shite. Only a few more years of it and then Im done.

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The dads and lads or the late late show :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Can’t imagine having to sit through that shite

Both! As Duke said to Rocky…

To play this game, you need speed - you don’t have it. And your knees can’t take the pounding, so hard running is out. And you got arthritis in your neck, and you’ve got calcium deposits on most of your joints, so sparring is out.

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