The Good TV Thread

Just finished The Last of Us season 1 , quality


Very good show. Have nt watched the last episode yet though . On a different note the 3 part documentary on the sinking of the rainbow warrior is excellent. Final part on this week on BBC 2.

just finished it. excellent tv.

2 episodes left, really enjoying it, even if it’s just a remake of the walking dead, except the zombies look fookin ridiculous!

First three seasons of walking dead where excellent. after that the highlight for me was when everybody ate Chris.

I watched every episode until Rick was blown up, think I may have watched 1 more episode after that and just said na. There was some great seasons with great baddies, especially Negan, that fucker would have you on the edge of your seat. My missus wouldn’t even watch it after he joined, said she felt sick any time he was on screen. I think it’s still being made?

yeah and loads of spin offs… and a movie about Rick

Yea, tried a few of the spin offs, thought they were all rubbish. Never knew there was a movie about Rick, might look that up

Negans Lucille ( baseball bat ) should have got it’s own spin off , best tv weapon ever

What a soundtrack


Smokie in fine company there .

Who the fcuk is Alice?

The series is very good


watched all of season 2. I have to say i thought it was excellent. Just enough. Last track in last episode was quite brilliant, in my humble opinion. lovely cover version.

Some great acting. Yer man Dom is one of those mates that are manky.

Really enjoying Dry on RTE , not a classic, but good cast (C Hinds) and short n snappy and funny at times

Devastating news. Tubridy stepping down from The Late Late Show.

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Demott Bannon or Marty to front early fav,
I’m personally sticking a few bob on Panti Bliss to get the gig

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Imelda May, she’s on it most weeks anyway


So has the big threat finally happened and the BBC has poached him?

Dermot Bannon, only every second week. On first name basis with all the RTE staff in the canteen

93 people voted for lottie ryan on the Journal poll for next handy number to present the LLS. The endeavours of humans never cease to amaze me.

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