The Good TV Thread

eamonn Ryan , mayswell let another clown do it

The race to replace Ryan has already begun ……

Wouldn’t suit Tiernan at all. The him not knowing is what makes his show so good.

McInearney wouldn’t be bad

Claire Byrne will get the gig, no coincidence that she has just stepped down from Prime Time…

All in the name of equality of course


She’s the best on that list.

My candidate based on his wise words….

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Aye, they forgot to include putting the show out of its misery as an option


Wouldn’t have an issue with her at all. Certaintly wouldn’t be an “equality” candidate. Beats the ■■■■ out of Marty or that Cork gobshite Brendan O’Connor

McInerney or Byrne? Political journalists presenting the LLS?? No guest would get a word in.

I agree with @mayoman (Christ did I just type that?). Time to put the show down. RTE need to produce a new Friday night reality show to reflect modern Ireland.

A cross between Underdogs and LGFA policy where everyone is the same even though they’re clearly not.


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Cancel LLS??? Poor Joe will be worn out with all the calls.


He will get it. Took over Gaybo’s other, and arguably better gig

Would he want it. It’s never been the same since Gay Byrne, always believed they should have brought in an unknown, Kenny & Tubridy where never going to have same respect.

Hopefully not McInerney as shes about the only one out there to actually ask politicians a question.
What about Simon Delaney :rofl:

You earn respect.


Pity she never allows an answer though.

Ego’s believed they didn’t need it. Gaybo different gravy….


who else is left in the RTE canteen? they ar practising hard at the jazz hands.

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Byrne, Claire, it is so.
How fitting.
If Lottie is so much as mooted we should all talk to Joe