The Good TV Thread

Was coming on to post that. Never liked Russel Brand

Fair bit of detail breaking in the uk media, about what he’s actually being accused of. If true, he’s Donald Ducked and even being accused of it probably means the end of his career

UK Foreign Secretary on the Laura Torysberg show on BBC now …

“Entertainment industry faces questions after Brand claims”…

How many sexual predators/convicts have been exposed in the Tory Party over the years (and still continuing)??


Sounds very much on-brand

It’s fantastic that she has reacted so fast, as it only became public knowledge last night. On the count of 3 lets all pretend there is not a single person in the world that thought RB was a scumbag prior to last night :roll_eyes:

Really boils my piss when politicians act shocked when everyone knows all the allegations about people for years and in Jimmy Saville’s case for decades

Just watched the Two Cathedrals Episode of the West Wing for the first time in ages. Still such a great episode probably the best of the entire series. Such a great use of Brothers in Arms too

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Patriot games on Film4 now. The worst ever Irish accent on screen carried out by a man from Benmadigan rd , Drimnagh. All together now “ I m a knacker …”
Samuel l Jackson is in it , never realised that . Is there a movie he is nt in ?

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The Matrix , oh wait a second , not sure

Rumour has it that he was in his mother’s womb when she had a role as an extra in The Sound of Music.