The Grand Cabal

And you have a go at me for dismissing people’s opinions. :joy::joy::joy:

You’ve some neck fair play to you … for an educated man as you’d say yourself.

I just like to challenge opinions that have no real basis but are presented as fact. I like to keep the bluffers honest. :smirk:

But I haven’t dismissed any opinions just given my own. What I object is you running your own agenda here and dismissing anyone who attempts to offer any alternative and accusing them of not supporting the team.

But by all means keep continuing it’s entertaining.

You are the king here at dismissing people’s opinions - often with abusive and personal insults (buffoon, idiot etc). I have never done that.

I have no agenda and make no apology for rightfully, and with good reason, having every confidence in our county.

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If you can point out the abuse I’d be much obliged . It’s a similar assertion to the banal inaccuracies recently posted on the hurling threads claiming to be fact which were all proven to be untrue.

There is a cabal here as I’ve always maintained who attempt to decide the agenda here. I make no apologies for saying Kerry have a chance of winning on the 28th. If that doesn’t sit well with your cabal then so be it.

I absolutely think Kerry can win on the 28th and I don’t know a single poster on here.

You insulted people using those words.

Who is in this cabal?

Secret French rugby lovers?

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The general consensus here is for cabal rule. Surely as a moderator you can’t be oblivious to that. You only have to look at the hurling threads and look at what was posted there allegedly as facts. One poster got rinsed by another last week for daring to suggest a Dublin player was injured and he was correct in what he was saying.

There are some pretty crazy theories offered alright and a lot of debate about things where the facts arent necessarily public or 100% concrete. A cabal suggests there’s a shadowy group of people trying to control the site through conspiracy or nefarious methods, which i really dont think is the case.

let’s just say some people like to "shape " the debate I think it’s called in political terms.

You’re absolutely correct, as usual.

The site is run by lizard people in cahoots with the illuminati.


In fairness bart, your a pretty heavy hitter on this site. You ‘shape’ a lot of the debates as well regardless if its alternative or straightforward or if you intend to. Thats what makes this site interesting and engaging.

Actually some of it is what makes it uninteresting and unengaging. To shape a debate suggests you have a viewpoint, you make a point to shape the debate, that is the whole point of the thing - rubbishing other posts without making any opposing points is not a view point. And I think this forum is getting less enjoyable and less interesting because of that type of behaviour from a v small minority. I guess people can make a choice on the type of thing they want, but it is disappointing to see it go down this road. Some seriously engaging, funny and genuinely interesting posters (of which I would not claim to be among) are getting buried in a pile of, at best, ill considered posts from a very small few.


Or just post inaccuracies on hurling forums as facts when ultimately you haven’t a rashers what’s going on.

In your case Wifi that’s what I’d call shaping the debate.


The near constant mud slinging from a small few, has turned this place into a much different forum than it was a mere 6 months ago.

(Yes, I know it IS actually a new forum…shurup ! )


I’d have to agree there is a bigger cabal here then ever before. It’s a poor relation of the previous web-site in my view. At least there we had a variety of opinions.

Here it’s either toe the line of cheerleading or be forever banished to Mordor.

And are you suggesting that the moderators are facilitating this cabal or are you just shouting aloud?

For what it’s worth, I’m with you on the side of erring with caution in relation to the footballers and our dream of Back to Back Sams but that’s simply down to the hurt that’s gone before but that doesn’t mean I can’t see the point of those who seem to have a less hindered expectation of how the summer will finish out for us

Is cabal a flavour of Koolaid?

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Tis like a club fundraiser … gone to the dogs …