The Health Thread

Apologies in advance if there is already a similar thread. Just a place to stick up some info regarding health and well-being. Being a wearer of glasses, this article ‘caught my eye!’

Yeah I’ve been having issues with this too. If I could get my head out of the fcukin phone it would help.


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It sure does!

Deffo seeing permanent changes meself in the eyesight and did after only a few months of working at home last year.

Switched from having two big monitors at my desk in work, to doing everything on one smallish laptop at home.

Need reading glasses for reading anything now & didn’t before lockdown started. :cry:


Btw was talking to a friend in the UK recently who got the lazer surgery on both eyes, only took a few seconds to do it, amazing.
I remember a mate back in the 90s being one of the early recipients. He experienced some problems for a while after which put me right off the idea

I got glasses for driving when after about 18 months, find myself wearing them a lot of the time. No issues with my eyesight but takes a bit of strain of my eyes.

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Has anyone had calcification testing?

Is that for calcification of the blood?

Yes. I believe it is a good idea to get this testing done.

Reason I asked is that some people are advised to take Vitamin D supplements in winter months due to lack of exposure to sunlight. However, these supplements can cause calcification of the blood.

Every day is a school day!

Vitamin D deficiency is a big issue for people whose ethnicity is originally from regions close to the equator but who reside in places with climates that don’t have nearly the same amount of sunshine that their bodies are programmed for, especially in winter time.

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I’m not sure is mental health to be included here but: