The Healthy Eating Thread the third

Don’t think this has been recreated for the shiny new carefully handcrafted Res Dubs Website. I had posted on the last version of this thread a weight loss programme I was doing which was basically clean eating and training. So far I have shifted 57.3 pounds. I’m doing 5K twice a week as well three 1 hour killer classes in the gym. Have to say Im loving it. Have never felt fitter or healthier.

So any interesting new healthy recipes anyone want to share? Except Joxers version of Coddle (only messing of course Joxer!).


Fair play to you JJF. I badly need to get back on the horse so may be on to you for some advice etc

Nay problems, young man! Have to say it really boils down to the food. Have changed a lot of bad eating habits and got disciplined, no more batter burgers for me on Match day, just good clean eating.

Always a tough balance . It has to be right in regards to food intake and exercise . Have had weight issues my entire life . Lose it , put it on , lose it , etc . My whole family suffered from this so unfortunately its in the genes and will always be a battle for me. The largest I’ve ever been is 15.7 stone in late 2010.And I ain’t a tall lad either . So I said enough was enough as was sick of losing / gaining weight . Over the next 2 years. I lost 80 pounds roughly , was down to 10 stone 3 . Now I’ve only put on maybe a stone or two because people thought I was sick and something was wrong with me . The usual , the weight loss doesn’t suit ya . That’s tough to hear when you finally get thin after years of been over weight for your height . But I’m happy with myself now . Haven’t weighed my self in 3 years . I go by looking at myself and how clothes feel .
Walking was the job for me , did about 50k a week in beginning but that has tapered off to about 43 on a treadmill . As for food , well I did something that might not be popular if you were talking to nutritionalist but I count my calories . I eat the same food everyday of the week , so I know exactly what I’m eating , how many calories . Takes a lot of discipline but I’ve stuck to it . Its definitely not for everybody and wouldn’t encourage others to do it .
But the weight has stayed off for me and I can’t ask anymore than that !

Fair play. It really is a case of what works for you. I was 20.5 stone I’m over 6ft but I was just getting bigger and bigger. Now I just keep away from the likes of white bread, biscuits, Dealz and their poxy massive amounts of chocolate. I stick to brown bread, weetabix, turkey/fish/ chicken and lots of protein where i can. 3 litres of water a day is a must for me. When I do get a chance to have a few beers they are lovely and I will have an eddie rockets or a Kanoodle or a chow mien, but all in moderation. The goal is to get to 15 stone and be lean. I’d be confident I can keep going. Great bunch of people in the Gym all supportive and all want you to do well.

Sounds good ! Yep definitely things in moderation but you have to have the odd day to enjoy yourself food wise or you will crack up . As they say keeping it off is the hardest part . Will power is a must .

Not so much recipe, but if your looking for Good protein. Aldo have cottage cheese 300g for 79 cent.
Full tub gives you 30 grams protein , very little sat fat .
Good for snack during day or at night before bed because of the casein in it. Handy for building up protein intake during the day.

Cheers - tips like that are great as I actually do our shopping in Aldi’s. I’ll be whacking that in oat cakes with a chopped cherry tomatoe.

Ok hit the 60 pounds mark. Happy enough. Started a weightlifting course one night a week. Couldn’t walk for two days after it. Deadlifts and squats. Fucking pain I have never experienced. Ran me furst 5k in 25:24. Delighted but Jaysus while I am get much fitter it never feels like it and I hate warms ups hate them and bear crawls.

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Fair play . You might not feel it but if you had done a fitness test before ya started and did the same now you would notice the difference ! It’s all gradual , these things .

Love the crawls meself … Pub to pub …

Oh they where the days. I find the bear crawls torture. Absolute torture.

Feel for you JJF and tbh I don’t even know what they are!!!


Hate them.

Weird shit. I’ll give it a go tomorrow

By the way on another thread you said you take everything with a pinch of salt. That’s not good for you - especially your blood pressure. No point in doing bear crawls if you’re maxing out on the salt.


I’ve seen your salt cellar …

Good man JJF.

Thats a decent aul time for a first 5k. You doing one of those sat morning ParkRuns?

PS I also hate bear crawls. Its the backward crawling that gets me!

There is one down in navan close to me I am going to sign up. I am starting to like running, clears the head.