The Johnny Longhair Thread - The Return

The rockers’ thread - made especially from myself and Vin to discuss overdrawn guitar solos and the like

Anyone heading to Slayer & Anthrax in the Olympia on Tuesday week?

No, but heading to Download Festival over in Donnington next weekend. :grinning:
Anyone ever go to it? Was going to go a couple of years ago but couldn’t in the end.

Would love to go to Download, the lineup this year is excellent although it would be only Saturday and Sunday that would be my kinda music.

Haven’t been to Donington since I went as a teenager in 1995, an eyeopener!

An eye-opener? how so?
Good lineup alright. Particularly looking forward to Iron Maiden who I’ve not seen live before. I believe they are very good live.

Had never been to a festival like that before, Sunstroke in Dalymount was tiny in comparison.

Iron Maiden are class live, saw them last in the Point 2010 on the day before Eoghan O’Gara scored THAT goal to beat Tyrone

Saw them at Monsters of Rock in '92, awesome live band, they really are!

I remember sitting on the quayside in Holyhead on the way home huddled around a small transistor radio which could just about pick up the commentary of the Dublin V Clare All Ireland football semi final. 'Twas a cracking day if memory serves…

Hahaha Vin, it’s great how we always tie gigs back to Dubs games :smile:

Seen Maiden live twice, quality live, think one of them was in the O2 in 2010 too. Only bad thing about their gigs is Bruce running around with the union jack for the Trooper, although there is something in my head that he used an Irish flag at one of the gigs I was at


The Point

Friday January 20th

Hell Yeah!

Tickets starting from €93.50…

Ozzy’s impending divorce from that weapon of a wife of his must be hitting the wallet hard…

A talentless gee-bag. As is their daughter.

Slayer & Anthrax tonight in the Olympia.

Decided against going to see Black Sabbath what with the ridiculous price of the tickets.

Happy flipside to that is Amon Amarth/Testament/Grand Magus play Vicar St in November for the much more reasonable price of €40

How was it? Saw that the weather was shite

Absolutely cracking. Ye weather was shite but what can you do? Just go with it.
Black Sabbath were incredible once again.
Iron maiden were everything I heard they would be. My top pick of the weekend. (Dickinson looks better now than he did 15 years ago.)
Rammstein headlined brilliantly too.
Of the bands that weren’t headlining Skillet (great band) were absolutely awesome, as was Attilla, Disturbed, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, Deftones.
A fantastic atmosphere at Download. No trouble at all.
Absolutely shattered today. Well bloody worth it though.

He had cancer last year too, but got through it and is all clear now

Some fucking beast of a plane that Ed Force One is also!

Well, I’m in a world of pain after that Slayer & Anthrax gig last night.

Was really disappointed with Anthrax, it was a tame enough, going through the numbers set & they just didn’t seem to be switched up LOUD

As for Slayer, unreal. As much as Jeff Hanneman was my favourite guitarist growing up, the band’s dynamic is better with Gary Holt.

Iron Maiden tickets gone on sale this morning for Saturday May 6th 2017 in the Point Depot/phone shop arena!

Sure it’d be rude not to…

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Not buying them just yet due to lack of funds and waiting to see what date we are going on holidays.

Heading to Amon Amarth/Testament/Grand Magus in Vicar Street in November :guitar::guitar::guitar:

Very rude not to. Got mine straight away.
Going to the Sabbath gig next year too. :grinning:
It doesn’t just rain but it pours. :slight_smile: