The Kickout Rule in Football

The mark rule made it’s debut today. Anyone hear how it got on?

Cleanly and without touching the ground! Does that mean it can be cleanly caught by the defending team even if the attacking team gets the first touch! Once the balk doesn’t hit the ground?i.e. Can the breaking ball be cleanly caught!?

Doubt it… “cleanly from a Kick-Out” would suggest to me that it has to come directly without any deflections.

Clarification to come out during the week .

In order to be awarded a “Mark”, the ball must not have been touched in flight by another player.

so if a player is in the act of catching the ball but is contested with a player who also happens to touch it, can a mark be given?

Just what’s needed, a rule change to slow the game down.

As defined by rule, no.

Get you attacking quicker than placing the kick to your team mate inside your own 20m line!!!

It may have teams even more afraid to commit men forward and press the full back line and leaving space around the 45. I think you will see even more teams dropping back to the 45 from the restart and leaving the easy ball.
It will also only really be used for teams looking to slow down the play when ahead. Why would you want to take 5 secs on the ball giving the opposition more time to funnel back. Teams that transition quickly from defence to attack are generally the more successful teams, whether that be with a running game or kick passing.

Another F’ing change being mooted now … if I was the paranoid type I’d wonder if it was aimed at lessening Clucko’s ability to influence a game!!

Getting sick of them messing with the rules, would they ever bloody leave the game alone.

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You could hardly accuse Cluxton of slowing down the game. He often has the ball kicked out nearly before it has gone dead!

Its nto about slowing the game down, its about actually taking a kick out, instead of tipping it over to a lad on the 21 yard line. I think its a good idea!

A load of sh1te. The game evolves and adapts over time without a rule change every year. The lads who make these decisions just want a game of catch and kick rubbish. Whenever I watch matches from the 70s & 80s it is astonishing how much ball is just booted to lads 50/50, it’s actually a poor spectacle.
I would agree the same argument can be made for some modern systems, but changing rules to bring the game back 40 odd years is not the way forward.
Leave the game be and let it evolve.

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Harper - they are talking about speeding the game up. There in no quicker re-starter in the game than Cluxton.

Agree with Iniesta. As well as keeping possession Dublin’s short kick out is also designed to draw teams on to the defender deeper. If you make teams kick the ball long the game could easily become bogged down in the middle third with fook all room for anyone to breathe. Negative football is based on making the pitch smaller … this would help that. Leave the bloody rules alone.

Well personally I think the short kickout to the corner back is ruining the game and I agree with this suggested change! So there

Ok ok. Gonna change the rule so that the keeper has to kick to the full back on the left side when on the right and vice versa. End of short kick out. Woo hoo,

I say bring back the two bounce rule. Make Kev Mc legal again!

No, Kick out should have to travel past the 45, with the new Mark would work well. Stop all this shit of kicking to the corner or full back and hand passing across the pitch for 10 minutes