The Liam Miller Charity Match

I looked for a thread on this but couldn’t find one so apologies if there is already one but I think a situation like this really should be discussed as much as possible. The statement from the GAA as to why they’re not opening up the Pairc is an embarrassment and the decision a disgrace. An absolute PR disaster. Dinosaurs.

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The GAA cant win on this. While the real culprits are the F.A.I who done nothing with the mega bucks they got from UEFA and FIFA over the years.

The G.A.A have rules in place and that is how it is. It took a special congress to get the rugby and soccer played in Croke park a few years back but they knew 4 years before in that case so it could be planned for. Mind you John Delaney and his insulting comments about the pitch didnt do anything to help relations.

It is in the rules that other field sports cant be played in GAA grounds so arguments about Concerts dont stand or American football either as neither are a threat to GAA. The money the GAA make from these events is re-invested in grassrooots hense the good club house and playing facilities all over Ireland.

That said I think the GAA should look at this in the future. I also think they should make a donation to the fund.

Anyone know what is the capacity of the Rugby pitch in Cork? Where the play some interpro games? Is this an option?


8k so not much more than Turners Cross

If every person that moaned and bitched about the game on social media about the game not being played in the Pairc donated €5 than that would make a big difference


It would of course. So would the GAA not being dinosaurs. That would help a great deal too

And the huge amount of grants the GAA get from the taxpayer. Let’s not lose sight of that here

Wouldn’t disagree with you but it’s not the GAA’s fault that the FAI have cowsheds up and down the country.

The GAA won’t be giving in on this one


The FAI are nowhere near as well looked after by the taxpayer and you know that very well.

Where are the proceeds going?

A mix between is a family and a charity for fighting cancer afaik

The guy was a professional soccer player and I hope he earned a lot of money in his career. I am sure there are many young breadwinners in the GAA who tragically succumb to cancer every year leaving very straitened financial situations behind them. Shouldn’t they be looked after by the Association?


Same as the grants available to F.A.I. Or Bohs and every other league of Ireland club.

The vat paid on the building of Croke park was more than the grants recieved. Big employment accrued accrued across a number of Irish companies also.

The GAA have strict guidelines as to how the association works and it has proven over the last 135 years it is working fine. The F.A.I have fckd up time after time and then come crying the poor mouth and expect everyone else to bail them out.
The lads organising the match knew the rules and I just wonder if this is a bit of a publicity stunt from them. Ya know the Cork lads can stir it up like no one else.

Why dont the F.A.I go and develop another ground be it Turners cross, Longford, United park or Terryland park?


What…the Aviva twice the grants of croker, tallaght fully paid for by South court dublin, league of ireland clubs with tax bills written off. Stadiums built too small so not to acomadate GAA games, sorry I have no sympathy in this case.

This is a stupid arugment as the rule can not change over night., if the soap boxers had any real interest in the subject a motion would have been put to congress over the last few years.


It smells a bit of a manufactured controversy. Liveline, Twitter and the rest of the usual suspects virtue signalling each other. If PUC ( I have no idea how to spell that ! ) was given to them, you’d hear more complaining, it’s too big, there’s no cover on the terraces, no atmosphere blah blah blah.
I do think the GAA should have just given the ground as a once off in this instance as it’s the decent thing to do. You can allways break your own rules.


No. They’re not at all. Football is seen as a professional sport and can’t be treated to the same grants which is farcical considering how little money the club’s have. That’s the reality of things. The GAA get far more tax money than any other sporting organisation in this country. Not saying they shouldn’t, it’s the national sport but when you’re taking the “it’s our money that built them” stance, let’s be truthful about it, it’s everyone’s money.

To the reply about the Aviva and tallaght etc. None of them refuse any other sports being played there.

And this whole thems the rules thing. Quick question. If cork GAA allowed the game to go ahead in Pairc, who dies? Who goes to jail?

There is another agenda her for sure and can’t help feeling that the family are being used in pursuit of it

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Aviva was shortened effectively banning the GAA. The South County council stadium went to court to prevent the pitch being extended even though the ground was available. These are bans in all but name.


Well manufactured ok. The callers were well lined up for Joe.
The thing is all GAA grounds are too big for soccer you are miles away from the action and would spot them rolling around unless they had high viz shirts on:wink: The rugby barely got away with croke park.

As has been pointed out above where do we go with all this. Every year players from all sports pass away and it is only right clubs, associations and people support the families. Do we have a charity match for every case? A lot of clubs in all sports will run functions in memory of a player who has passed away due to cancer or SADS and people are very generous. I dont know what the answer is to this. Maybe some sort of a fund to help with mortgages or education?

Far be it from me to stick up for anything to do with “them” but there was a host of reasons for that one of them been it backing onto a small farm i believe. It’s a municipal stadium. Anyone can play whatever they want in it and have done may times

Nobody wants to see football played there. Nobody to do with cork city who would cut your throat at the suggestion of playing a competitive fixture anywhere but turners cross. This is purely to get more money for a good cause. It’s a charity game ffs.