The Mark

Dublin don’t . Kerry didn’t play with 6 forwards either in that period. They played with 8.

Only because of the element of surprise, had they persisted with it we’d have hammered them.

That may be true, but to ban a style a play that panders to the negative nature of Gaelic Football is insanity. If teams played with 6 forwards it wouldn’t be an issue, simple as that

but teams don’t. So it’s semantics

I get worried when people, say Dublin play with 6 forwards.

Why do you get worried?

Means don’t watch games properly. I can’t recall Dublin playing with 6 forwards since 2014 or from 2010-2012

So when lining up for kickouts, Dublin don’t mark up with 6 forwards more often than not? What happens when teams are defending eg Kilkenny moving back to help out is a different story

Looks like Connolly isn’t in favour of the Mark - “but admits he’s unaware of its intricacies.”

Also not in favour of the Black Card: “The black card has been over-publicised so much. Referees are coming under scrutiny for it. Players are coming under scrutiny for it and there was no need for it.” “Just because Sean Cavanagh pulled a guy down and some clown in an RTÉ studio decides to throw the toys out of the pram and make it more than it was. . .”

So, the way forward? “Connolly has his own views on how cards should be distributed: “It would be a red card for a clear goal-scoring opportunity, a yellow card for cynical play.””

Will the mark apply to all juvenile games next month eg u12, 13,14 etc?

under 13 upwards

The mark didnt make much of an impression at the Blue stars today. Think I counted three or four.

You won’t see any once the games become serious. Not at county level anyway.

Been playing the rule in college gaa since September, can tell you it has absolute minimum impact on the game

You hade to make an effort to use it . Inter county teams including Dublin are sheep they all play the same way
Stakes are too high at top level to experiment. I think teams could run some pretty interesting tactical situations off it if they were braver