The Mayo Nativity

You’re craving approval ratings now? :joy:


As DUB09 reveals his vulnerability…it seems that he is human after all…who knew!?

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Just acceptance from the West. More validation than approval rating! Speak to me @mayoman


Maybe he’s stuck into the end-of-year post-mortem, tryin’ to calm down this fella…


Nooooooo! If he is human after all! Then who shall we worship in 2018? :prince:

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Ok. I’m from Mayo. I suppose you have immediately taken a hatred to me already. What do you actually want us to Do? Quit following football? I’m baffled at your on going obsession with us. Merry Christmas fellow Gaels.

Merry Christmas to you to! No we don’t hate you and we certainly don’t want you to quit following football. In fact the only reason we are obsessed with yis, is that yer bloody hard to beat. Yes make us bust our bollocks to beat yis. And that my fellow gael is not good for the hypertension! So like your fellow county man @mayoman your always welcome around these parts. But no profanities. Its all of us ressers new years resolutions (except @DUB09 who has tourette’s)! happy christmas.


Don’t tell willie Joe that yer over here and he might kick ya of the Mayoblog or say ten hail marys or swear allegiance again to the mayo flag.

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Welcome to the forum, @farr1.

There is very little hatred on here towards anyone in/from Mayo. I think you will find generous amounts of genuine respect towards a county that probably could have had one or two All-Irelands over the last 6 years, but for arguably the greatest Dublin team ever, and one of the best teams ever, overall. We, as Dublin fans, are privileged to be witnessing this Dublin team but we also recognise that part of what makes this Dublin team great is the quality and intensity of games against teams like Mayo and Kerry in that period.
If you read through the various, relevant threads, you will find a lot of goodwill towards Mayo and you will certainly get a sense that should Mayo ultimately prevail one of these years, you will get a lot of genuine kudos from most Dubs on here.
As for this particular thread, the creator has caricatured some prominent members of the Mayo set up and it is not done, as far as I can see, in any way demeaning or personally abusive. The humour is probably aimed more at the perception within which people like Aidan O’Shea are held in Dublin, Mayo and well beyond.
We are all Gaels and we are what make Gaelic Games the enjoyable spectacles they are and also the community focal points that they provide, particularly in more rural areas in counties such as Mayo and Donegal.
Happy Christmas to you. Best wishes for 2018. I think Mayo will still feature in the business end of next year’s championship but will probably fall agonisingly short, again.


Yerrah aye there’s no malice in any of the stuff I do. It’s just a pi55 take and I always write it with the view that Mayo people - or even players - or … God forbid … Mammy - would get a laugh or two out of it.

There’s one or two Mayo players that I wouldn’t have much time for (just like there are a few Dubs that Mayo fans dislike) - this being down to their behaviour over the years than anything else. There’s a healthy enough respect for most Mayo lads - including Leeroy and yes, even Aido. When Permatan Flynn had that ridiculous cut at Aido this year there was huge support for Breaffy’s finest. Sometimes the lack of recognition for our team rankles Dublin fans but that’s not Mayo’s fault.

Things are quite moderate here … to the extent that some of our own posters are not impressed!! You are not allowed to misspell Andy’s name for instance. I have seen plenty of worser anti-Dub bile on other sites which is often posted and left there.

Mayoman is held in high regard here so we’re not all bad. Except @beeko

ps I am not a Gael … God I really don’t like that term …


… is surely what you meant?


@TheLoneRanger … Bart will be back later today with some stunning news.


Are you and @TheLoneRanger the same person/poster?

No. Me and @beeko are the same dude.

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Speaking of GPS and Three Wise Men …



There is a like …merry Christmas :slight_smile: ho ho ho


Since this thread is Mayo related, here is a Mayo video that puts the hairs standing on the back of my neck. I’m fiercly proud of my county like you dubs are of Dublin. We are even brazen enough to declare May 1st as Mayo day…enjoy (or not) :wink: Merry Christmas all and let battle commence in 2018.


Maith an fear @mayoman (and your fellow county man) for joining in the festive fun & frolics.

Merry Brussel Sprouts Day to you & yours !

I just can’t handle any more of these “we are Mayo” videos & editorials, since some tulip penned that Feel Yourself, masterpiece over in the Mayo News. I mean, seriously like…that kind of carry on would get you arrested on The Hill.


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Brilliant as usual @DUB09. Great stuff.
Here’s to 2018!. Can the Footballers do the unbelievable? Can Pat bring pride back to Dublin Hurling?
Happy Christmas Ressers.

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There are no Gaels here. But Merry Christmas from all of us in the Fort of the Danes.


May 1st? I suppose Mayday does spring to mind when thinking of Aido and Co trying to close out games.

All poor humour aside, Merry Christmas - and see you in Castlebar in the 28th of Feb.