The official get the Dubs out of Croker thread!

Can yiz talk about neutral venues and all that bollocks here, please? It’s bogging down the football threads.


I think Boner has a point. It should be a neutral ground like somewhere in the province of ulster. If I was Boner I’d do a CON and stand me ground. Dubs will play anywhere and we’ll take our legacy and cement it by been the best team of all time by beating the best in neutral grounds.


It’s a sad indictment of what passes for sports journalism in this country that this is even being given airtime and column inches.

Here’s what the Official Guide says, it literally couldn’t be any clearer:

(iii) All-Ireland Quarter-Final Group Stage
The All Ireland Quarter-Final Group Stage shall be on a League basis of two Groups of
four teams, with each team in a Group playing the other teams once.
The Groupings in year 1 (2018) shall be as follows:

Group 1
Team 1: Munster provincial winner
Team 2: Connacht provincial winner
Team 3: Ulster runner up or team that defeats them in round 4
Team 4: Leinster runner-up, or team that defeats them in round 4

Group 2
Team 1: Ulster provincial winner
Team 2: Leinster provincial winner
Team 3: Munster runner-up, or team that defeats them in round 4
Team 4: Connacht runner-up, or team that defeats them in round 4

The Groupings in the succeeding years shall be
determined by the Central Council, and on the basis
of two Provincial Champions being in each Group of
four teams.

The order of fixtures shall be as follows:
Phase 1
Team 1 v Team 2 (venue: Croke Park)
Team 3 v Team 4 (venue: Croke Park)
Phase 2
Team 1 v Team 3 or 4 (venue: Home advantage for Team 3 or 4)
Team 2 v Team 3 or 4 (venue: Home advantage for Team 3 or 4)
Phase 3
Team 1 v Team 3 or 4 (venue: Home advantage for Team 1)
Team 2 v Team 3 or 4 (venue: Home advantage for Team 2)

The Central Competitions Committee shall make the
Draws for Phases 2 and 3.
Home Venues shall be subject to approval by the Central Competitions Control Committee > and shall meet the criteria set down by the National Facilities Health and Safety

The introduction of the Super 8’s format was discussed for 32 minutes at the 2017 Congress. That was the window for anybody to have their say or propose amendments. During that time, only Diarmuid O’Donovan from Cork County Board and Dermot Earley from the GPA spoke against the format. 13 speakers supported it and it passed 74:26. That’s how the process works, you don’t get to come along 16 months later and alter it because you’ve suddenly decided it’s unfair.

Everything I’ve typed above can be found in two clicks of a mouse from the links below. That’s literally all the research this takes. While paper has never refused ink, this willful ignoring of blatant facts in favour of pursuing an agenda for spurious purposes is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon. As much as nobody in Croke Park takes any notice of them, I would favour a spokeperson from HQ pointing this out publicly and calling out everybody peddling this crap for their piss poor professionalism. If only to embarrass the clowns into shutting up and checking their facts once in a while.


It’s a post-fact world brother.


So does that mean croke park is our home ground or Parnell park?

I say we go with O’Toole Park. :wink:


in fact it is LITERALLY the next paragraph in the rules after the ones they were looking at regarding the newbridge fiasco.

but we had an ex GAA president on OTB threatening all sorts of hinted retributions against kildare who rounded up with an aul “well I am not familiar with the rules”

same as when you hear GAA commentators using the hallowed phrase “well, maybe by the book it should have been a card, but the referee shouldn’t have given it this early in the game”


Yea I’m confused too and that’s why the matter is a topic of controversy.

Parnell Park and Croke Park has to be distinguished here for the topic to go away. I think the county board had to come out and be clear or else we won’t be seeing Donegal in a Croke Park

Ah lads, if we’re gonna win Sam again this year, our away/neutral games shouldn’t be played in Croker. I’d rather win Sam fair and square

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Indeed. Spotted that when the format was first announced and knew this would all kick off. Find it all very tedious.

Ah here are you seriously saying Sam would be tainted this year by playing our home game in Croker

there isnt a hope of Donegal not turning up. this isnt the kildare thing where the GAA went against their own rules, this is fixed in rules.

it is literally the same as Donegal refusing to play an all ireland final against us in croke park.

there will be zero widespread public sympathy for this stupidity.

How about the 15 Acres? Should get 80,000 in there? :joy::joy:

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Brilliant post.

Ye if we can’t beat teams in their own patch, can we actually be called All Ireland Chanpions?

I’m not saying it would be tainted. I just don’t understand how it can be a neutral ground for all counties but also double as our home ground. Can someone clarify this?

From chatting to the lads from work, everybody seems to be behind Donegal on this one too I’m afraid.

Rumours from up there is they are not impressed. I can see this escalating in the coming days if not resolved

from whom?

Those who are fixating on this now never had a problem with it in the past. Even if we get to be moved around the country like a fucking circus you already have micko and others saying that we ALSO need to absolutely wallop someone in a final to be declared great by him.

and if we do, there will be some other makey uppy test that will be used by them. Why worry about being justified by fools like them?


ah well, the lads at work.

■■■■ that.


But it’s not supposed to be a neutral venue. The games were specifically fixed for Croke Park. There was no mention of neutral grounds except from the Brazil nut and the Off The Boilers