The official get the Dubs out of Croker thread!

As @URoy says, this is a total non-story. Is there any way to call then out on it properly?

This is quite clearly a WUM. Easier to just sort it out now rather than ruining the thread.


naw seriously, can’t be bothered listening to culchies complaining about Dubs having an unfair advantage, it’d make us look better if we just went to their pitch, bate them and that was that!

Ok fair enough. But then why is the “home” game (against one of the qualifier teams) also in croke park?

There’s nothing to resolve. If donegal refuses to travel then this time there will be a walkover.


Jimmy ??

The sooner it starts raining here again the better, something tells me that the hot weather is making normally sane people go do-lally


Yea the lads from work who are very close to the team… we have to listen to them and hear their point in the fairness of the game.
The issue is the players were not asked to vote for these rules and really the game wouldn’t be happening without them.
They are ulster champions and we can’t mess about with them

Genuine Dublin GAA fan here, season ticket holder. I just want to win Sam without any controversy and playing Gavin’s style football.

You’ll have to settle for two out of three…which ain’t bad.


We have a few live ones here today


To be honest, Donegal would have been doing the whole country a favour if they’d failed to show up to Croke for the past few years. We wouldn’t have had to endure the shite they called football they put on show…


it went through congress with massive fanfare last year. they were entitled the exact same as i was to make their feelings known to their club and county.

maybe their delegates were all in the 26 who voted against it, but thats democracy and thats the rule.

maybe you can ask how come they didnt have a problem in 2016, 2014, 2011?


a proper wum waits a few days before jumping the shark.

You know how we are in Finglas brother

will you boys be boycotting the ulster final next if you have to play monaghan in clones ?


Let’s see how genuine you are. Name any of the exalted staff from the GAA Season Ticket office. @Harrys_Tiles will adjudicate as to whether you are ceart nó mícheart

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Arsebook has a lot to answer for.

Let’s see, from memory there’s
Grumpy. …
Sleepy. …
Dopey. …
Bashful and

Happy died of loneliness in there.


That’s 3 new WUMs whove appeared the last couple of days. Finglasdubs, Hill16dubs and Mguinness. My guess is that at least 2 of the 3 are the same gobsh1te I mean person!

Hardly friggin original are you?? Would guess also if the IP addresses were checked they’d probably match with IP addresses of clowns previously banned. Now p1ss off will ye!