The Players In Orange? (UEFA Nations League/European Championships/World Cup) (Part 1)

Waster of a player

Yep, talented but a complete bungalow.

If any of yiz have booked to go to the away game in Denmark yiz will need to change your plans. Danes are playing their two home games in Aarhus (In the middle of their street, before anyone gets the obvious pun in) instead of Copenhagen

It’s 3 hrs away from Copenhagen approx

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Due to fly back to Dublin on the 10am flight from Copenhagen the morning after the game. Plenty of direct train connections from Copenhagen Airport to Aarhus.

Shane Duffy was reportedly riding Jordan.
Responds to it on Twitter. Jonny Walters response is just :ok_hand:

The SAS wouldn’t go in there…


U-17s match in the Euros QFs against the Dutch gone to penos

Live on RTE 2

Some carry on there. Keeper sent off after saving last peno

O’Neill getting invovled now :confused:

Martin o Neil on the pitch . If I can lip read he told the ref he was a fuckin disgrace.


Oh jesus , just rewatched it there .
That’s unreal , poor lad was distraught.

That ref is an absolute disgrace. I have never ever seen a keeper get booked for moving off his line early (Debatable as to whether he was even fully off his line)

Fair play to O’Neill to run on and have a go. Pity Roy didn’t do it as well

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keepers come off their line all tthe time in penos, the rule is rarely applied and to give a yellow for it and on top of that not allow a sub even though all the subs had not been used, never seen a decision like it.

Wonder if it was the Dutch keeper would he have gotten a yellow ? Doubt it somehow

As I suspected the Dutch keeper was warned twice but our lad gets booked :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

just looked up the rules, technically the ref was right, if he comes off his line it is a retake and a yellow and he can’t be subbed in a shoot out, I think he did come off the line, but in 99% of cases the save would have been given and that is what is annoying, I suppose the dutch lad got no card cos he didn’t save the ball.

The one thing that does seem a bit of a grey area is if the first yellow card should count as according the fifa rules, the penalty shoot out is not part of the game.

I remember reading something like that before, it was after the Ireland v Romania shootout in Genoa in Italia 90. According to the records the game is recorded as a draw, so if game is over should the card have carried…