The Players In Orange? (UEFA Nations League/European Championships/World Cup) (Part 1)

Connolly s accent. He s from Oranmore ffs.

Must train with Mikail Antonio . They have the same strike rate

He had a decent game. Liveliest player on the pitch. Some turn of pace. Hopefully he sorts himself out.

We started really well, probably should’ve went one up. Hopefully they do the business over there.

Doesn’t score goals anymore . He is a senior international playing u21

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Looked like he was dressed for a night out after the game.

I’d give the lad a chance LJ. He’s 22

He went close last night and worked his nuts off.

Don’t disagree but where he’s at is all his own fault really. Evan Ferguson on a different trajectory

Better team on the bench arguably

Playing some nice stuff. Final ball needs to be better.

Better team and deserve to be in front. McClean is a weak link surely we have someone better for the left wing back. Molumby not in the game much either. Would be worried about the ref, don’t know how Cullen is on a yellow and McGinn is still on the pitch.

We don’t have the players

Doherty was awful there.


Done like a kipper

Christ Doherty - wtf was that. Wrong options taken up front all night.

Sorry that was sarcasm, as that’s the excuse we hear when we don’t win.

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Easy to say Doherty was poor and he was, but where was marking on Henry?

He got a free header. That can’t happen.

Troy could have been a hero …

Bring back Aaron …

So poor …

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Fcukin shocking miss. Christie should have got at least a yellow too.

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That’s a word I think will always be used when talking about him

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