The Players In Orange? (UEFA Nations League/European Championships/World Cup) (Part 2)

I luv dem girdls so I do……


has katie decided yet who’s going take over long term?


Toland is playing for Blackburn since the start of the season. It’s the first time she has been a regular even if it is only four or five matches. It is second tier level but most of our players in England are at tier two clubs. Vera was right not pick her but didn’t need to put the boot in either.

Was Vera not responding to a really vicarious aul lad

She was but saying no clubs she was with had ever played her was a bit of a low blow even though it was true. Like S Kenny saying Troy only played for Spurs once or twice so he is no good. It might be true but you don’t need to say it. Toland’s father came across as a bit of a nutter blaming Vera effecting his daughters well being by dropping her but he said nothing about the club she was with at the time not playing her which I think was Man City.

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I would think better said privately but I’d say it was the nutter of the father that she was really lashing

It’s all been going wrong since Stephanie Roche became an uber-celeb for scoring one goal


Claire Byrne

For a professional player, I wouldn’t consider a manager stating “I’m not picking you as you havnt been playing with your club” as harsh. Maybe that’s just me, but you have to be able to take criticism and if your any sort of player you would use it as motivation to come back and fight for your place not just get to be handed it. Players are too soft these days but that’s a debate for another day I guess. But you’re right, the father scenario probably had a factor to play.


I dont see either the things vera said about the FAI after the contract ended, the things she said about that players dad nor what the player above has said to be too controversial. Some of the reactions to it all are a bit OTT. Professional managers and teams fall out all of the time and worse than what has been said here has made its way to the papers from dressing rooms in the past.

I dont understand why there is so much emotional investment in a team whose members 99% of the country couldnt still name after the world cup that had led to this level of emotional discourse

It’s bizarre beyond belief that a player who has twice as many international caps as clubs games feels hard done by to be not in a an international squad. What makes it even worse is that adult player’s dad is on the case as well. Mad stuff


Caldwell and Toland presumably going to tear it up today and bag a couple of hat-tricks…

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Is starting Toland just an Eff You to vera pauw?

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It’s a sad state of affairs when a Rep of Ireland soccer team plays Norn Iron and the feeling’s neutral.


I suspect that after their carry on an awful lot of people just don’t care.

They’ve disgraced themselves. No more need be said.

35,000+ people cared enough to turn up

Flicking through the channels , 30k at todays game ROI 2-0 up , doesn’t appear to be a kick back from off field troubles , not that Ive seen much of it

Hope Eileen realises she won’t be getting the credit for this…


Vera who?

Who are they playing though? And most people would have had their tickets long before this week’s carry on. We’ll see how they go in the long run.