The Players In Orange? (UEFA Nations League/European Championships/World Cup) (Part 2)

I looked the gift horse in the mouth and got confused

With that squad ,amazed there is not uproar about not even putting some league of Ireland players into it ,there has to be some players out there good enough, mickey Johnson , ??? Who the fook is he ?? Honestly can’t think of another international team in Europe that hasn’t got any players from its own league deemed good enough to play for the national team

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Our squad is a small step up from northern Ireland’s, so Little quality in it .

Wheres the lad from Galway who played for Brighton??

Euros are the best opportunity to qualify for tournaments ,out of 55 teams taking part half of them quality…world cups are a different story ,look at Italy , haven’t qualified for last two , which is astonishing really.

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Hull city

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I generally would agree with that. Think we ll have a good group of players in the next few years, good prospects about alright. Sk wont be in charge, not capable of it. Who will is another question.

Agreed, but our poor nations league performance is hurting us in this campaign with Holland, France and Greece in our group. Take Scotlands route, it’s far easier considering they fared well. There is the back door to the euros though which further proves your point.

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I’m not sure on that one . Given their is a perception all the young players are really good

Ferguson and Collins could be exceptional top 4 Premier League players .

We have two very good goalkeepers again Top 4 potential ( can only play one )

Obafemi is decent .

After that not sure to be honest

Love Island


And Collins can’t get in the Wolves team of late. Dropped for Craig Dawson.


Only a few games so far and he’s been on as a sub for 2 of those ( entire 2nd half for one of them). All young players struggle at times. Collins has been on an upward trajectory since Stoke . Bound to be a bump or two on the way.

Yeah he hasn’t started a game since 23rd of January. I like him but its worrying he had been dropped for so long . Hoping he gets back in the team

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I’d agree given Wolves are not a great side and the competition isn’t like starting for Manchester City

Ah he will at some stage, Dawson is 48.

Worrying overall though a new manager came in and Collins one of the 1st lads he discarded

I thought Dawson was much older but is only 32

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Collins might not start against France if Kenny decides to play Coleman as the right sided centre back. Himself, Egan and O’Shea are all regulars for their clubs. Collins is better than all three in my opinion but he’s not playing at the moment at club level.

No im sure he’ll start. That 45 mins he got couple weeks back makes Kenny’s decision straightforward. The latter, brutal and all that he is, surely has to go with best 11 regardless of club status (within reason, I mean likes of Duffy couldnt start if he was in). Collins may see game time today against Leeds too.

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Ah I was joshing, but certainly thought he was closer to late 30s myself. Either way Nathan should be next in line, then again if Lopetegui lasts a few years and just doesn’t fancy him what can you do. Though the latter’s comments recently would give you cause for optimism, unless he was just toeing the party line

Tonight’s squad ….