The Players In Orange? (UEFA Nations League/European Championships/World Cup) (Part 2)

Ideally Smallbone gets in for Hendrick.

Ferguson and Obafemi is not a half bad front line.

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Is this on TV? Don’t want to turn it on by mistake.


I’d be afraid of leaving the gaff this evening in case they asked me to play


In the same sentence we were just told Latvia are 133 in the world but very dangerous by our fantastic pundits on the TV🤣

Starting 11

Avoid RTE2 in tha case ….

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No easy games in international football. Except v Latvia when Callum o Dowda scored. Good goal tbf.

Ireland for Sam.

Ireland it’s just like watching Brazil

Yis can fcuk off. I’m still not turning it on.

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2 lads have been very good up front but getting loads of time on the ball and acres of space

The Latvian keeper is brutal.

Making Latvia look like Lithuania

We want Troy We want Troy We want Troy

Got plenty of Troys on Saturday.

Troy & Connolly are on at HT

Jaysus great strike.

Now look what ye did, they went & scored cos you refused to see Olé Olé at the TV

Some goal that.

Kelleher did nt expect the shot. Caught a bit off balance I thought


Still not watching …

Klopp rates Kelleher highly.