The Players In Orange? (UEFA Nations League/European Championships/World Cup) (Part 2)

Looks like they are playing Spain in the QF

Just as well, to maintain some vestiges of normality in their lives?

Is he a brother of Boden keeper Jake Turley?

Have nt s clue tbh.

Ireland U17 v Spain U17: What time, what channel, team news and all you need to know

I presume Murphy from Newcastle told the FAI where to go? 28, hasn’t played senior for England.

He doesn’t qualify for Ireland

His Wikipedia page says irish ancestry on his paternal side , must be a generation or 2 out to be eligible.

I read somewhere that its a step father has irish roots and nothing else . Thats when he was with Norwich

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Cascarino esque

Is the step father any use then ?

Kenny puts the pressure on Kelleher to move

He must read here.


Squad for June games

He doesn’t.
James McClean.


Very unprofessional from Kenny talking about Kelleher moving on and having private conversations with his club in the background and going against what Klopp said. Regardless if he moves on or not Kenny shouldn’t be coming out with what he said.

I can’t imagine too many would be taking advice from Kenny.


No Daryl Horgan or CJ Hamilton :scream:


Didn’t Kenny annoy Klopp previously over a Kelliher injury? Kenny brutal in all his interviews.


I’ve heard a few international coaches quoted saying players would be better off moving for their development, and why shouldn’t they? He’s got different priorities, and it’s not the 1950s, thou shalt not speak up

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