The Senior v Inter v Regrading etc etc Clusterf**k Thread

more clubs playing inter before senior . Things never change

ridiculous carry on.

Didn’t realise that O’Tooles had been relegated either

always the same clubs too. Helps when you have the right friends

Would it be worthwhile for someone to document how many players this year in the “same clubs” field players in 1st round of IFC who subsequently play significant or any part in SFC.
This information could then go to DCB as confirmed evidence of major problem.


i suspect not many at all

Nice to have the option . Not everyone gets the luxury

It would be a good idea though to work out if there is an actual issue though or just the potential for one.

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Nonsense. You started this point last year too (and probably the year before as well) and it was disproved.

When asked (on several occasions) for evidence of senior clubs playing genuine senior players in the intermediate championship you either changed the subject or completely deflected from the question.

Given it’s something you feel so strongly about, do as rebus suggests and then report back to us later on this widespread abuse. Until you can produce facts of this happening, your argument holds no water.

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Not sure this makes much of a difference to be honest, if the IFC game is on before the SFC game more often than not these players will be used in the IFC and Tog for the SFC, if the SFC game is 1st more often than not players will be held for the IFC if the draw is favourable for said club…

I state facts that’s it’s inherently wrong Rico that a second team plays championship before the first team .

I’m not really bothered about your opinion either way because you can’t disapprove the above . Adding an appendix to validate your argument doesn’t disprove the above in any shape or form

Firstly you’re not stating facts you’re giving your opinion. And I don’t think anybody is saying it’s right.

But you’re massively overstating the effect of it. As someone else said this is only a potential problem not a real one.

While it’s not perfect the current regrading system does a very good job of preventing genuine senior players playing IFC. The facts over the last few years would support this assertion.

I’m not giving an opinion I’m stating a fact. It’s bad practice in my opinion.

“It’s bad practice in my opinion” is, as it says, an opinion not a statement of fact.
There are a few issues here. No Senior manager worth his salt is going to allow a player play at a lower level a day or two before a senior championship fixture. He will be expecting the player to be at his best for that senior fixture.
If a player is eligible he is entitled to play at whatever level he is graded at.
Because a player first plays at Inter or Junior level it should not prevent him from moving up to the next highest level if he proves at the lower level that he is capable of doing so. There have been many examples of players being promoted from one grade to a higher grade during a season. It is a luxury that Clubs with more than one team have, and have legitimately.
What cannot happen is a player who is graded at a higher level being dropped a level without going through a regrading process.
There is little evidence of any abuse of the grading practice at championship levels. If you have evidence bring it to DCB rather than fire off wild, unsubstantiated allegations here.

Don’t need any evidence . My original statement still holds . It’s bad practice . Shouldn’t happen and it leaves the door open
You see I can make my point in a few sentences
When you’re in the realms of having to post an almanac to make a point you’re on shaky ground .

You said it’s “inherently wrong for a second team to play before the first team”- that’s not a fact it’s an opinion. It’s an opinion I actually agree with but an opinion none the less.

None of the starting 15 from the senior sides of Vincents, Judes, Castleknock or Ballymun (4 semi finalists) played intermediate championship last year. That’s a fact. I trust you can appreciate the difference.

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The argument is much wider then that and you know it. The system for small clubs sucks.

Aside from the lack of any evidence of the “widespread” problem (nobody has offered one example of recent IFC match where 1 or 2 high quality SF players were drafted in on one off basis), I’m more curious on the assertion that DCB (more specifically those within the DCB who do the fixtures) is “working” the schedule to favour certain clubs…is there any proof of this accusation?

I suspect the accusations are not based on fact but more on (1) a lack of appreciation of the time, effort and difficulty in arranging championship fixtures when stuck with a set short timeframe between league and IC fixtures (2) maybe certain teams simply arent good enough to win IFC regardless of opposition and constantly fall short

Well we can move on to that if you like. But firstly lets agree that what you posted earlier wasn’t factual just your view.

We went through the wider argument (as you put it) at nauseum last year and at the end of it you still weren’t able to produce any data which supported your view. To make sure we’re on the same page, your view as I understand it is that larger clubs hold first team players back to play in the early rounds of the IFC and then these players aren’t available in the latter stages of the IFC as they will have played SFC? I don’t believe this is the case at all and is very much the exception rather then rule.

The ironic thing is if you look at the roll of honour of the IFC over the last 25 years it’s dominated with first team champions as opposed to second teams from larger clubs.

Wait, you just gave one example that I disproved last year Rico. Ted played Inter and Senior for the Mun, no?