The "Split" Season

It’s being discussed in other threads but thought it warrants its own.

With the county championships winding down around the country, the idea of a split season has started to take hold in most counties. On paper anyway it looks to be a no brainer for the Dublin championships compared to what we have already. With no promotion or relegation this year it would seem to be the right time for any revamp or structural changes to the club calendar.

What will this split season look like and what do people feel will be the main issues with it?


Split season,

  1. how many idle months will it leave for the club player?

  2. And will it lessen the standard and attractiveness of the county game due to the time of year and the pitch conditions at that time?

I genuinely don’t see any issues with it. It has to happen.

I know the argument previously was that intercounty needed the summer TV airtime to battle against soccer and rugby, but there’s absolutely ■■■■ all free to air rugby and soccer these days and really there’s no reason not to just promote the club games more!

First 6 months of the year for intercounty and club leagues without intercounty players (you could even keep regulation 8 and use the 2 league games as prep for the championship rather than challenge games), second 6 months of the year for expanded county championships and then the club provincial and all Ireland series. It really is an absolute no brainer for me.


Agree 100% @something_witty - it’s just so obvious really, especially now that counties can stream their own championships. I’ve really enjoyed seeing so much Dublin SFC and SHC this summer, it has been brilliant. Would be even better with a few fans in attendance and a bit of atmosphere.


Agreed no brainier for me

On paper in theory it looks like a solution , we will need to see it in practice before you really start to see pros and cons , adding in college competions , where does u 20 fit etc
Overall something needed to happen and by n large it seems a positive step

I would see club leagues starting around February/March, so everyone still back at the same time as now, with county championships finished sometime in September, leaving club players who don’t progress out of the county with October, November and December off, I think most club players would be more than happy to have the winter off!

All ireland championship series would most likely be played in May and June so I don’t see that being an issue!

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Club or intercounty? Intercounty underage would be played alongside senior level, Club u21 Championships could be played in October/November.

Club championships are 9 games max. Could start end of February and be done by end of June. When the county lads head off to do their thing clubs play league. Be playing until late October/early November depending on how many midweek games are put in for July/August

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Both really , under 21 at club level has always been an end of season poor mans tournament , under 20 county more a spring tournament , not deal breakers by any stretch of the imagination just interested to see how it pans out

Yeh that’s for sure, unfortunately don’t think that’ll ever change! Such an enjoyable age group to play at though, 21s Championships were always great craic!

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Jan to feb Collages

Feb to April Inter county leagues

After Paddys weekend club leagues ran through inter county season. U21 champ without county players optional in this period

May to July inter county champs

Aug to November club champs inc provincial and all ireland

December closed month rest period


Regarding the leagues each county would have to work a plan for the leagues. In Dublin, for hurling anyway, you need 11 to 13 game days. 7 Saturdays and 4 wednesdsys should be easily come by.

Football could restructure to say Divusion 1 group A and B 2 8s or increase leagues to 20 and go 2 x10 so its 11 matchdays again required
and not 15 as is now

I could never understand that TV debate, Soccer finished mid-may, Rugby done by April.

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If everyone copied and pasted this into an email to their club delegates and got them to lobby it I feel like we will be in a hell of a better place than we are today.

Theres pros cons positives negatives for sure but its not like we are from paradise and working back, we are at rock bottom working up.

Would love the above to be the calendar. Club championship has been such a joy this year watching games around the coumtry. Long may it continue

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Not sure how feasible it would be but in addition to the split season I would love the streaming services to continue also, great for the profile of the club game.

I don’t buy the notion that club players would be “idle” 6 months of the year because they wouldn’t be. They’d be afforded the freedom to do whatever they wanted with the new free time. Travel, different sports etc.

There would be an added buzz to a stand alone club season. Let’s hope it happens


Could continue playing league during county season.

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Yea and that’s even better again.

I’d sooner see the intercounty season go early in the year. They have the fancy indoor facilities for pre season etc and could start in March along with club league. Club and provincial then for the remainder of the year

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I think having county players for the whole of the championship (expanded) would more the. Make up for losing them for the league competition- pretty much runs that way in Dublin at this stage anyway.

I suppose part of the issue with inter county in March is the frequency of weather events resulting in games being cancelled. We’ve seen it a bit the last few years and it’ll only continue. Our new calendar has to accommodate the possibility of weather induced postponements. We don’t want it taking weeks away from the club season.