The state of football and hurling. Are rule changes required? Which ones?


Given yesterday’s events, I think there should be rules regarding deliberately slowing down the game, at its conclusion. It is simply gamesmanship. Substitutions in the last 5 mins should only be for medically confirmed injuries.

Limit number of players in half of the field (requires 2 referees though. Don’t like the idea of restricting to 13 as it restricts playing numbers)
I like what people are saying about a 2 point arc

Actually enforce the handpass rule
2 points for sideline
65’s either off the ground or make them from further out the field
No scoring a free from your own half

Clock counts down and it stopped for injuries. Should help stop time wasting the end of games and during black card periods

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You are entitled to 5 substitutions. There is no stipulation as to when they can be made. Not your best post. As for gamesmanship I’d have the two yellows that Glen got late on way ahead of late subs. Pure cynicism.

I’d return to 3 subs only. 5 is too many. Creates too many stoppages.
30 players in a game. One third can be replaced, it’s madness.

I don’t get you? I did not refer to the number of subs!

Sounds good to me, something done about brazen cynical fouling like we saw in Ballyhale v Crokes where Ballyhale were clearly terrified of Croke’s pace so would foul well up the pitch to give themselves time to filter back.

The referee eventually belatedly started dishing out yellow cards but at that point he did so evenly, having allowed Ballyhale away with murder up to that point. Doesn’t need to be as drastic as a black card, maybe just a professional foul-type yellow for a tackle that is blatantly deliberate.

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I know where you’re coming from but there’s a balance to be struck here. The fact that players can shoot from 90-100m and score 60-70% of the time massively negates the sort of defensive-orientated systems that have blighted the football. Classic case in point was Galway in the 2017 Championship. Played Davy’s Wexford with their sweeper system in the Leinster Final, took 45 shots, scored 29, won by 9 points. Played Derek McGrath’s Waterford with their spare man in the AI Final, scored 26 points, won by 3. Hurling was the winner in both games IMO. I’d be very wary of tinkering with that.


I’ve been saying this for years. The punishment isn’t even consistent. Drag a man to the ground with a minute of injury time left and you’re being penalized 10% of what you would have been for the same thing had you done it 10 minutes earlier. Let alone this nonsense that if you deny a goalscoring opportunity by giving a bloke a hard shove to the back 15m out, technically the ref can do no more than give you a tick for that as a standalone foul.


There’s only so far you can go though without fundamentally changing it. I think there should be a scoring zone, cynically foul inside it and its a choice of free kick from X meters out in front of the posts or take it from where the foul occured. Cynically foul inside the scoring zone by denying a goal scoring opportunity and its a penalty. Score from outside the scoring zone and its 2 points. X amount of fouls inside the scoring zone results in a punishment like a sin bin. Everything about Gaelic Football is set up for the traditional one v one duels of yesteryear. That’s long gone. If it’s agreed the game is sick then they need to get radical and ditch things like the advanced mark that ruin the game. If people think it’s ok the way it is then leave it alone.


Get rid of step count. No referee counts the number of steps. It is too difficult along with the amount of other rules. I think it should go to 4 seconds, similar to what it is if you stand still “the time it takes to take 4 steps”

As already said get rid of the attacking mark. Kickout one is ok but reduce the time back to 5 seconds.