The Stone Roses

So what do yiz think of the new Roses song?

Not a bad effort imo. Music typical Roses… but lyrically a bit more Ian Brown-ish no? Tad simpler…

And i believe an album is due :slight_smile:

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Sound like The Seahorses have reformed or Ian Brown joined The La’s. Lyrically it is terrible

Very disappointing, I hope they didn’t want to lead with their strongest and are holding the best stuff in reserve.

Musically it has second coming all over it, the lyrics sound like they were written by a teenager trying to pen his first song.
Very disappointing considering Ian Brown put out some good solo stuff.
Manis Bass is completely swallowed up which is disappointing as his bass playing was a key element in what made the first album so strong.

Jaysus, cobbled together to sell tickets or wha? “All for wha”? This was what worried me when it took them 4 years to come up with something. Anyway, sometimes a group releases a first tune that they don’t think will be a big hit, just to be awkward/artistic, and the Roses are very notorious for their contrariness and practical joking, so maybe we will be pleasantly surprised…

Thanks for posting Bottler. I’m glad anyway, I thought this was never going to happen so at least there’s some progress. Hope they release more before the concert. Hope it really is an album and not just “a few tunes”

The song is grand, if an ordinary band released it you would say well done. But having been listening to those two albums since my late teen’s i’m not a fan of this new material. Lyrically its just poor, it sounds like an unreleased Seahorses tune.

I’m glad I didn’t go see them when they reformed and unless any potential album is far better than this effort I won’t be going to Marlay Park either.

Probably over thinking this but I love their music, grew up listening to it and the way its going I can only say I really hope the Smith’s never get back together.

I don’t think you need worry about that. The Smiths pretty much all hate each other, even thirty years on.

Pretty insipid fare from a band I adored in my teens.

One of their biggest problems is the fact that Brown’s voice, which was always fragile, went completely over 20 years ago, even on Second Coming it was touch and go. Hearing him trying to navigate through the chorus of Made Of Stone now is just excruciating. You can hide that to an extent in the studio but if you record songs with a dynamic vocal range, a limited vocalist will absolutely butcher them live. So you end up keeping it safe to avoid that and the reformed Roses are firmly in the ‘money for old rope’ throng now sadly.

I actually think his voice has held up well as a solo artist considering how much it had changed by 2nd Coming compared to the earlier stuff. He sounded fine to me at the concert in 2012 and sounds fine on this. His best vocals were always either of the hushed, angelic devil sort or the gravelly, slightly snearing/snarly.

I’ve a feeling this is a bit of a wind-up and the real stuff is going to be much better. Brown’s solo stuff was mostly excellent so I’d imagine they are well able to come up with a really good album.

It was a brilliant gig - I was very surprised how good they sounded, amazed actually, having heard the live recordings of Brown.

My first impressions were that it sounded like Heathen Chemistry era Oasis, I wouldn’t even rate it as good as Squires’ Seahorses stuff.

I caught them a few years ago in Belgium, 2012 i think it was. They sounded great. Way better than in their day imo - live wise that is.

I’ve seen Ian Brown solo a fair few times also. He’s always been class live. Bit rougher… but that’s why you go to gigs… hate bands that sound like you are listening to their CD.

Went to see Tame Impala recently = biggest load of capall cac i’ve seen in a long time… boring and soul less.

Have yiz heard the DMA’s song In The Moment?

Bit of a throw back to 90s Manchester…

Most of their tunes aren’t great… but this ain’t a bad effort.

A lot of prog rock bands tend to be quite insular.

For instance, I really looked forward to seeing Tool headline Ozzfest in 2002 in Punchestown but after 3 songs, the lads and myself hit the road. Bored shitless

Slayer should really have headlined that night for instance.

They’re no Beyoncé. The fadaless fuzkers.

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New tune released overnight.

Not shit, which is where the bar is at after hearing the first song.

I like that, very instrument-heavy, a cross between Brown solo stuff & SRs later stuff, with hints of the funkier dance style that appeared to be the direction after Fool’s Gold came out (just before the hiatus) . Interestingly, it’s 7 minutes long…

Somebody posted a theory on the web that an album was definitely coming very soon, and it would have a certain number of quite long tracks on it, based on some artwork that was posted by the band which included part of a vinyl disk. The image showed 4 tracks on one side of the album.

I’m going to sell my ticket for Marlay Park, need to raise a few shekels for the Euros trip. Let me know if anyone interested.

Have listened a few times and I like it. Thank god.

Thought the same re late-SR/ early-Brown, and the backward guitars hark back too.

Hopefully the album is decent.