The Sunday Game 2020 Series

Watching tonight’s ep and since we’ll have some more this year thought it was worth a thread. What about that Peter Duggan point when he took on all of Galway.


I’ve set up a thread for the Dublin v Mayo game that’s up next but yeah, not a bad idea.

Was a cracking game, missed most of the replay as I was on my way to Templemore for a cousin’s session but it was a quick enough journey listening to the game

No point the hurling invading the other thread. Missed most of the replay myself too. Would have been some story had Shanagher not hit the post and he’d scored a goal in each game. Really didn’t think Clare would put it up to them as much as they did in either game. Looking back this replay and the Leinster final replay probably affected Galway when they went up against Limerick.

Ah crap. So much for an early night.

This the one where Rochford changed keeper at the last minute, yeah?

No that was 16 he changed for replay. Connolly penalty remember.

The skit sketch pokes fun at Dubs and money



Apparently RTE only has rights to show games from 19 18 and 17 on this years Sunday game. Shouldn’t be too stuck on hurling side but football may become a challenge.

Tonight’s hurling game is last years vs Laois so may be worth avoiding for those on here who still aren’t over it.

Jaysus. Wasnt even a decent game.

Only good thing about it was it was my young fella’s first game. He was just the right height to smack his face off the barriers on the terrace as he was running around. About ten times. Looked like he’d been playing in the bloody game.

Your honour …

Him and all other Dublin hurling supporters that day.

Rte must have advance warning that there is no intercounty action for next 5 years if they game is worthy of inclusion, fairytale underdog result excepted…

RTE confirmed today that show is to be 90 minutes now instead of 2 hours. Also next week will focus on ladies football and camogie. Great to see them given some airtime on rte.

It is but very few will watch it I’m afraid.

Yes there’s that. However with absolutely nothing else on some may stick it on anyway. Here’s hoping they put on a good match that promotes the game and not something like last years all Ireland final.

Or last night’s hurling match…

I’m sure a Laois supporter would disagree with you there

I reckon a Laois supporter would try and convince you that it’s raining when the sun is splitting the stones

In fairness we don’t need to leave this forum for that type

i got the impression from what Des said the other week that TSG may not go the whole summer as he said “we’ll be with you for the next few weeks” surely theyve enough in the archives for a summer.