The worst ads ever!

TV or radio …

There’s one for Carbon Monoxide with some bloke pretending to be one of the Dubliners - bloody awful ad.

I listen to Nova a lot and they have some shocking ads - incl Barry the Muppet who got his car pranged … pity it was only his car.

Your one “The Matchmaker” would do your head in too…

Mattress Mick ads…

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Leave Mick alone, Northside legend…

John. Did you put the cat out.


Yeah and about as sincere as treacle …

If she was an ice cream, she would lick herself…

Steady now!

If you’re having unwanted images in your head, I can’t help you there :grin:

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All thriller no filler.


Did he have a movie out recently or was that an Ad campaign ?

That ad on the radio for the long term car park in the airport - ‘because it IIIISSSSS your car’. If I ever see that bloke I’ll do to him what losing sides used to do to bad refs after a Wicklow County Final.

There’s a terrible one with a child screaming over and over - it’s for An Post?

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mattress men. very good watch


Jaysus where did you dig them out! The voice-overs are shocking. A young Maurice Pratt too!

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Something very Savile-esque about that chap

I’ll need a whole weekend to contribute to this thread.

Little Meath kid who does the Skoda simply clever ad … not clever …