Things getting Messi for Lionel

Will the great man end up going down … with nobody near him …not for the first time.

I’d say he’ll get off … cos he’s being missing penalties all season … :grin:

Not a chance, he has paid what he owed, the case is just about if he was aware of what was going on or not.

And of course we all know he’s completely innocent, signed everything put in front of him without reading it & left it all to “papi”

Si, señor :unamused:

I would give all footballers the benefit of the doubt in these situations, there is no way your average footballer would be able to look after his own finances, the problem is that there are loads of dodgy agents etc out there waiting to make a fast buck. I think it is quite normal for a player to just sign, even if he did read it, it is highly unlikely he would understand it, not a slight on his intelligence , the same would apply to most ordinary folk.

I dunno.

I mean, when a politician (or the former King’s daughter come to think of it!) comes out with responses along the lines of what Messi has come out with, the ordinary Joe soap is surely entitled to raise an eyebrow, or two.

It’s business & it’s business driven entirely as a result of your football activity/ability. He hardly signed everything & anything before skipping off to training without a second thought in a career where, due to it’s short-term nature, you need to maximise your earnings.

Is my cynicism coming across? :joy:

I wouldnt compare a politician or the Kings daughter to a football player, I would imagine he contracted people to do a job and trusted them to do it correctly, he is clearly guilty as he has already paid up, but I would not be sure he did anything intentionally. The big problem here in Spain IMO is that you can pay a solicitor good money to do your tax returns, but if he makes a mistake he does not seem to have any responsibility for his error and you end up paying the fine. The Government fines you if you make a mistake in your favour, but they dont even tell you if you make one in their favour. Not sure how it works back home.

Lionel Messi has been sentenced to 21 months in prison for tax fraud

Probably end up on probation.

No prior convictions and a sentence less than 24 months in Spain means it’s a suspended sentence. Very few media outlets picked up on that when they had their clickbait headlines…

Makes you wonder if there was some sort of a deal done as the State Prosecutor only asked for 21 months and Messi is reported to have already paid a fine in excess of €4m.

Messi has been singled out here for some reason or another, the whole idea seemed to be to get him to go through the courts and have his picture all over the newspapers, I am not justifying him by any means, but there have been a good few other cases such as Casillas or Alonso and they just paid up and that was that, the amount was not the same, but in it was still a substantial amount. As you say Blue wheels he had already settled everything financially, but the case was about whether he did it knowingly or not, He was only 19 at the time. In the other two cases I mentioned nobody seemed to care if it was intentional or not.

A Catalan I work with has said the exact same thing, seems to be the us against the world (or Spain) mantra. The whole #weareallmessi stuff is pretty pathetic.