Things You're Looking Forward To

Things your looking forward too when this is all over

  1. Pint of porter in somewhere like Walshe’s Stoneybatter, Becky Morgans Grand Canal St

  2. First game of hurling or football in Croker

  3. Being bored by the news again


Big one is getting back out on the pitch and playing ball!! Had been buzzing to be back playing after I got home from Oz


Great bargains in sales of almost everything as business try’s to get back on its feet and to move stock

  1. Hearing news about Brexit.
  2. Not seeing Simon Harris’ face everyday.
  3. Hurling and football.
  4. Not shitting myself every time I hear a sneeze/cough.
  5. Not needing to bathe in hand sanitiser.
  6. Not having to worry about the immediate threat to my older/vulnerable family members lives.

And again I reiterate
Hurling and Football.


Chapters in Parnell St and Tower Records. And a pint in Mulligans.

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Travelling again. It’s what I love doing.

  1. Getting out and playing football again.

  2. Seeing my friends again and going on a mad drinking session.

  3. Feeling normal…while I don’t tend to worry or overthink things, this crisis is there with us and it’s all consuming. I am worried for vulnerable loved ones not one bit for myself.

  4. Going back to dreaming about Mayo lifting Sam :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:


On a Dublin forum you’re literally asking for a cheeky reply.

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I know but well used to it at this stage…I’m sure you seen that Mayo were the but end of jokes with Croke Park opened for testing yesterday…

Seriously though I’d take never seeing mayo winning Sam as long as everybody is ok.


We have an ethnic minority in Ireland. They too have a great love of traveling.


Are you hunkered down here for the foreseeable?

Oh yes. Ma and I have been under Daddyo Lockdown since Saturday.
And it shall continue for as long as necessary. Having lived on my own for almost five years I’m used to solitude.
Disappointed the library was closed last Friday. I have a goodly supply of ‘bukes’ though. Unfortunately the lap top shit the bed on Monday. It’s in the care of a nice lady in Fizzbra. :crossed_fingers: she’ll call with good news. Take care and isolate.


Good man Jim. Mind the mammy, and yourself!

Going to an Ireland game in Lansdowne (Which shows how bad things are. It’s been a longtime since I’ve felt like this)

Shared with me, if your laptop gets fixed or even on your phone:

Go to:
Register and you’ll be given a pin number.
Download the borrowbox app

Then you can borrow thousands of ebooks and audiobooks for free.


Fantastic. Thank you. Although I’d prefer to have the book in my hand it sounds like a great resource. I’ll definitely check it out.

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I’m the same, I need to feel the paper to enjoy the book but needs must for now.

I must try that library thing too. I went to Chapters on Saturday and got a few as I prefer paper like yourself.

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God bless the Kindle is all I’ll say. Have read more books in the 5 years I have it than I did in the previous 10

Droping the kids off to school, “We’ll leave it there so” as Bill would have said.

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