Things You're Looking Forward To

Just getting there …

Things to look forward to?.. a fecking vaccine.

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After all the hype I’d like to check out Wuhan


Me too. Bat soup too?

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First stop

Nice bowl of frothy bat broth with a side order of Hedgehog spittle

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I wanna …

I wanna sneeze near every stranger
Not wash hands and feel no danger
Cough and splutter at every turn
Visit the garden shed of Claire Byrne

I wanna dance with daffodils
Walk atop the Wicklow hills
Fill with lager to the gills
Tear up hastily constructed wills.

I wanna sit in the centre of the Hogan
Have a pint with Alan Brogan
Eulogise our brilliant medics
Ask advice on hangover headaches

I wanna sliothar and a stick
To give social distances the flick
To properly celebrate St Patrick
And gorge in a restaurant til I’m sick

I wanna live just so much more
Probably like I’ve never felt before
Ain’t nothing that will inspire us
Like facing down this shitty virus.


A number 16 please there Kato yeah

Brilliant. Your work?

Ta. Aye - just knocked it together there.


I wanna plan a summer holiday for the family, in my own country. Don’t care if it pisses rain.


Maith thú

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Yeah , we usually spend a few weeks in the banner where the mrs is from in a mobile on white strand beside Spanish point. Great spot for swimming, kids hang out with their cousins, see their grandparents . Be raging to miss that .
Won t be the summer without walking down Jones rd or Clonliffe for a big game.
Also and more importantly for the juvenile gaa players to get the games they train hard for in winter .

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It’ll be important to support the hospitality and tourist industry here at home after all this.



Mother said that to me last night when I said to her I doubted she and the aul fella would be going abroad this year. Said apart from whole not wanting to risk getting sick abroad she’d rather give the money to our own hotels and economy as their gonna need it


Very punkish influence :+1:

Bit of choose life trainspotting in me head alright

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Brilliant link, thanks for sharing :+1:

Brilliant thread Guy! I’m looking forward to coughing and spluttering like fock, all over the place, with not an elbow in sight, not washing my hands for a whole day and going back to using alcohol for mind-altering purposes, as the Good Lord intended. I note that he never turned water into hand-sanitizer, M’Lud!!

I’m looking forward to;
kids back training and playing games
dropping over to see my mam without having to worry about this stupid virus
reffing again, always love the evening games, gives you something to look forward to after work
meeting the bro for a few sly pints after work
hitting the road to watch the dubs in the championship
the club championships starting

I also agree we should all look to take 1 holiday in Ireland when this all blows over to help get the hospitality sector back on their feet