Thomas Clarke Gaels

Anyone know who the amalgamation is to make up Thomas Clarke Gaels? They are down for minor hurling. I have a feeling it might be O Tooles and Scoil as I can’t see them there and Clanna Gael are down to field a team themselves which is great to see so Isles of the sea seem to be no more

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Think it is Parnells and O’Tooles


Parnells and o Tooles good numbers between the 2 clubs but wouldn’t have enough on there own great step forward as there is a lot of competition for players in the area from gaa clubs soccer and other sports


Great to see, numbers are really dwindling in that area, especially when lads reach adult grades. So hopefully this can keep a good few interested to keep playing and work toward senior for both clubs.

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I think Sc Ui Chonaill partnered up with Clann na Gael to form Isles of the Sea. Probably one of the better amalgamation agreements as one is north and the other is south and there is a lower likelihood of poaching/ transferring after the arrangement is over.