Throw up

What are the rules around a throw up for a break in play such as when the ball hits the ref?
Can the ref throw it in when he wants or does he have to throw it in between a player from both teams?

This thread title sickens me.

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It’s retched alright …

He has to throw it up between 2 player, 1 from each side.

thanks, had a situation in a game over the weekend where the ref decided to throw it in when we had no player near it and they scored a goal direct from it and the ref said it was our fault

this isnt about The Lone Ranger and Iomant then?

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That was very strange to say the least

Did this happen in the North County

No in our place but it wouldn’t be out of place in the North County.

was very strange alright. Just wasn’t sure if he was allowed to throw it in whenever he decided.

Raheny have a very good young team though and missing Fenton and Howard at that.