Ticket Thread - 2017 version

Ok, to keep the semi-final (and who knows after that) free from ticket conversation, can we use this one for people to talk/debate, request, offer or swap tickets. Face value only please.

Let’s keep the other thread for match chat only.

Oh, and I’m looking for 2 tickets if anyone gets some and can’t make it…

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So you’re defo not starting then??

Never said who they were for…

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So Vincents posted on their facebook (?) that they wont be able to meet orders for Tyrone SF game: has any other club done so/anybody heard of this elsewhere?

Raheny have posted similar on their Facebook as well

As far as I know…clubs up here are getting their tickets.

Got a text to say they were confident of getting tickets from the CB…and that was for 300 requests.

There’s a chance you might get left overs from here.

Clubs will be faced with a dilemna here: how do you decide who gets tickets if there is a shortfall? And appease members with unfulfilled orders?

I’d say a lotto…at least that’s what my club did a lot of years ago.

But even then I imagine there was some ‘politics’ with longer members getting priority.

Judes have sent same out to members

The county board (ticket office) sent out an email to the clubs yesterday to the effect that they would not be in a position to fill all orders as the orders they had received were 4 times greater than those for the quarter final. It stated that stand ticket allocations would be reduced and that Nally terrace tickets would be included for Hill orders. Also said that previous orders would be taken into account when allocating tickets.
That doesn’t sound too promising at the moment but hopefully more tickets will become available late next week.

Anyone know roughly how the allocations work? I presume Dublin would get more than Tyrone due to being in the minor as well.

Do they send them to all clubs in the land as well or is that just for finals?

Tyrone are in the U17 Final as well as the seniors :wink:

First off I am a club member, now Killannin in Galway but was in a Lucan Sarsfields before moving. While a club member in Lucan in the 90’s it would be regular to be put into a raffle for tickets to sell out games like against the flour bags Mordor so I joined the PP scheme and then moved on to the Season ticket scheme. I have in the main been an active member of Killannin helping out and coaching up until 2 years ago when work commitments changed it.
For me the idealistic look at things is that club comes first and should be sorted for tickets but a lot of clubmen are just that it is club always and county only get a look in when doing well and in a semi or final etc. They are the ones that always have an excuse not to go to the county games but will look for a ticket when the night games come around. I don’t have a problem with them being put in the pot for tickets along with everyone else but don’t feel they deserve a ticket more than people on Season ticket or Parnell Park.
For me people who buy the season ticket are club members it is just their club is County Dublin, they pay for membership and commit to supporting their county (club equivalent) for them 60% attendance and get rewarded for that commitment. It is similar for the Parnell Park subscription. Both ST and PP have cut offs for their ticket availability and then they are automatically paid for or go back into the pot. I think HQ set a similar deadline for club request and only after this should tickets go on general sale, it would appear this is where the system fails and should be addressed by the GAA.
While there would be no County without club you could argue there would be no or very little club due to funding without county.


Just think of all the junkies on the hill who can get tickets . A farce


The Tyrone U17s will get an allocation though not sure how many tickets for underage.

Near sure they play Roscommon.

Ah ■■■■ it, I’ll bite for s laugh.

  1. Not everyone on the hill is a junkie.
  2. There must be a proportion of junkies in the stand also.
  3. There must be junkies who are also club members.
  4. That’s before we get into the many and varied people who are drug addicts of different hues, including those who have drink problems or gambling issues etc.

Never said everyone was a junkie . But some of the “fans” on the hill are vermin .
I was on the hill for 30 years so I don’t need lessons on the people who go there. But if tickets were distributed properly these people wouldn’t get tickets .
Clubs can’t service their members but these knackers get tickets ? I don’t see the equity . Maybe you do …


Plenty of shitheads get tickets through the clubs. How often do you hear of regular match-goers get screwed at this time of year by their clubs who give tickets to all sorts?

Tyrone lad on twitter posted earlier that clubs up there got same email about not all club requirements would be met…

Says more about ‘dedicated club members’ selling off wads of tickets to whoever. I think we should be more concerned with how some touts seem to get hold of them. And the corporate shower who don’t even use up free tkts. Give me a prick who is actually at the game off his head in the Hogan over that sort.