Ticket Thread - 2017 version

Don’t agree . Still no reason not to distribute through the clubs . Real prawn sandwich feel to the stands these days as well as certain sections of rabble on the Hill

Now that I will inevitably agree with. But wasn’t it always so? Bandwagon applies to the big events regardless of whether the team is winning All-Is etc or not. Same for all the top counties. Funny thing is it’s no more difficult getting tkts now than 10 years ago, and much easier for Leinster finals and All-I Qtr finals. That for me is to do with two things, recession, and the brilliant cleansing of the hype-machine.

Yes, my apologies I forgot about the U17’s.

Welcome back @upthedall. Hope all’s well.

I didn’t know Silver was such a high horse!

I’ve been on the hill 36 years, some of the biggest gobshites I ever saw had got on with club tickets, hadn’t a clue what was going on or about the basics.

Maybe if clubs had drug tests for their members this sort of thing wouldn’t happen.

As I have said before, the worst behaviour I have seen on the hill since 89 is when dublin isn’t actually involved.

Eh expand …

Was it this shower

Did you watch the first Mayo/Roscommon quarter final? After the Rossies scored their second goal, the camera panned to a load of their well oiled supporters on the Hill. They all had bottles of Heineken in their hands and were waving them about and splashing everyone near them with beer. And not a word said by anyone.

During one of last years hurling semis (think it was Tipp/Galway, can’t remember which) the cameras stayed on a section of the Hill, where a load of opposing supporters were going at each other after a goal was scored. Again, not a word said anywhere about it.

But, if either time, it had been Dublin supporters involved…


Yeah but we are no angels either
The drugs on the hill is a Fockin disgrace
Anyone using them should be barred for life as it’s a sports stadium not the old Wesley ball

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Relax! Apparently VIns aren’t getting a fraction of what they’re looking for. :smirk:

Yeah then ultras get them now bloody south siders


The “drugs on the hill” thing is getting a lot of legs. How many instances of it have we all seen? We talking spliffs, coke, lads shooting up?

Maybe they should do it in the jacks like they do in the stands.

There were at least 7 beside me and all I saw was weed

well, when people talk about junkies the least i would expect is snorting coke. mainlining after a mayo goal would be acceptable as well.

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I know we had this argument about the Hill before & you took issue with it. But , its just things like that that would put me off going to it . Your there to watch a match , no to be surrounded by people smoking weed , etc .Although you could put forward the argument that is drink is an “acceptable” drug here. Thats why I said before there is a different crowd on the hill than in the stands .

If you think weed is bad on the Hill, try the Nou Camp. Proper rasta in certain sections.

I just don’t need that hassle at this stage of the game of life .

Sounds messi.


i have smelt weed on the hill before, and as a total holier than thou when it comes to smoking and drugs (I admit being a hypocrite on the drink) it irks me.

i have been near people who i suspected to be coked out of their heads as well, but the worst of the worst are those who are good old fashioned drunk, most of them are usually simply stupid (when it is our support) but they are getting better - it is a long time since i have heard a certain racist chant used to express a reluctance to being from (insert county here).

I honestly, really, have encountered more obnoxious behavior in the stands and funny enough it is why i like the hill where you can at least get away from the cretins.