Tickets thread - 2023 Football All Ire Final

Taking the tickets discussion away from match thread

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Anybody with 2 stand tickets and would be willing to swap for a Hill ticket (plus cash diff) feel free to drop me DM

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Does anyone know how to add a pdf ticket to google wallet :exploding_head:

Have 2 Nally, looking to swap for 2 hill if anyone is keen!

Don’t think you can. Can only add it from you Ticketmaster account to the wallet

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Ok thanks

Evening, if anyone had one spare anywhere i’d gladly take it… thanks

Same, came up empty and I am desperately looking for a ticket. I know folk from Tipperary with tickets and going -WTF.

Looking for nally 2 if possible :tired_face:

Any ticket going for Sunday please let me know. Genuine supporter. Thanks

I have one cusack ticket if your looking please message me looking for a hill

Looking for 2 seats together to being the son. Have a lower hogan and willing to swap and pay for the other ticket of course. DM please

Looking for 2x stand. Swap for 1x hill plus cash difference.

Any spare tickets? Seater or standing. Thanks

Looking for one anywhere please

I dont im afraid
Only got one this afternoon myself in the 2nd round of the club draw.

Have 3 Nally tickets. Looking for 1 Hill ticket. Don’t need to get rid of all 3 Nally tickets so would swap 1 or 2 + the difference in exchange for a Hill ticket if needs be

Well, they didn’t give me any :rofl:

I have a nice ticket davin willing to swap for a hill but I have trust issues so it will probably need to go from a tm account to mine to ensure its the real deal.

Any chance you’d sell one of the nally tickets if you got sorted? Thanks.

Any tickets going? Desperate to get to croker on sunday. Will take one on top of the flag pole if needed