Time to honour Heffo

As we bask in the afterglow of achieving the elusive two in a row and rightly laud our great heroes on the pitch and on the sideline, my thoughts turn to the man whose team they may now have eclipsed … Kevin Heffernan.

If it is the case that they have eclipsed the 70s team we can be sure of one thing – they have only done it because of the 70s team! The picture today of Brian Fenton and the great Jimmy Keaveney cements the link between the different generations and underlines the great Gaelic football tradition in this county.

Our city is rightly decorated with statues of some of Dublin’s most famous characters – Wilde, Joyce, Connolly, Molly Malone, Behan and Phil Lynott to name a few. But there is nothing that I know of to celebrate our rich GAA history.

Surely we are long overdue a statue of Kevin Heffernan in the capital. As well as his playing both codes and his legendary management, there is also his contribution as Chair of the Labour Court. He was a Freeman of Dublin and featured on the Team of the Milennium and more than any other person is undoubtedly the embodiment of Dublin GAA.

Where better to start a campaign than Reservoir Dubs …


As a child of the 70s. growing up then was a great era , only for this era , I would never have know the sheer joy and heart break of following the Dubs , If anyone deserves recognition it’s Heffo , management has come and gone but they can credit their drive to this man , HONOUR THIS MAN !!!

Agreed, spot on. Was one of the main reasons all the great things that have happened, happened. At all levels. Possibly THE main reason.

Agree 100%. And it shouldn’t be any old statue, in any old location. It should be on O’Connell St, with the rest of the greats…only his shouldn’t be facing southwards, as most of them do. It should be facing towards Croke Park.

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IIRC When names were being proposed for what is now the Rosie Hackett bridge Heffos was put forward but rejected because he wasn’t dead long enough supposedly…:unamused:

They structured the “rules” of the nomination process so that you could only nominate people who were dead over 10 years. The Labour party (remember them) were so desperate to have the bridge named after one of their members they fiddled the process on the council. If Heffo’s name had been allowed to go forward he’d have won hands down.

Great call. Wasn’t this idea mooted around the time of his passing? Think the 'Nell would be the most appropriate location considering how much of a think-tank it proved for the team he moulded.

Location is secondary just now though seeing as we don’t even have a feckin’ statue :confused:

Surely we can at least highlight or mount a campaign from here?! Now?!

Would be nice and realistically you cannot compare the two teams, totally different circumstances, but for me to bring a team from absolutely nowhere to win an All Ireland was amazing, I mean who would put their money on the likes of Offaly ( No disrespect meant ) to win an All Ireland in the next year or so, but his achievement was akin to doing that.

I’d favour a 100 foot tall ‘Christ the Redeemer’ style statue like they have in Rio atop Howth Head looking down over all of us.


In a city that doesn’t have a statue to Padraig Pearse I think Heffo might be waiting a while.

I gave one suggestion when he died. Rename Parnell Park and have a memorial in there to the man.
Still think thats the best solution. Or if the DCB ever get the new stadium built name that.

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Statue? Didn’t he get a whole feckin train station named after him?


and street.

If and when the new ground gets built at least a stand and a statute there for him, if not the whole ground (although naming rights will be probably sold off).

the chances of getting DCC to do it are nil, although i’m a bitter ex supporter of the fly the flags campaign.

And a street

Paudie has a lovely full-sized bronze statue down in Dingle. They had a fund-raising drive which realised €70,000. I would think Dublin fans could emulate that.

Parnell Park would probably be the best place and if it is redeveloped or anything the statue could always be moved for the duration.


Proper order! Connolly all the way.

** Ducks for cover (whilst looting Cleary’s) **

While we’re at it, am I the only one who thinks the DubGAA Keegan tweet GIF during the game was brilliant (so wrong it was right)? Can’t understand the fuss :confused:

Generation Snowflake type outragers. Perpetually outraged.

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Talk to Joe …

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And would agree with renaming Parnell Park. The home of Dublin GAA named after the father of it.

(Looking forward to being back in there this weekend, can’t beat the crisp evenings in Parnell Park.)


My take on it FWIW, we can’t have a go at the likes of the Mayo GAA blog wotsit (have never ventured near it personally) & then have a social media platform of our own CB going down the road of what I thought was a juvenile cheap shot. It was bad enough seeing that we won. Can you imagine if we’d lost?!
Put it this way - I wouldn’t have found it funny if the Mayo CB tweeted mid-match two weeks previous when James Mc saw black.
Completely off topic. Don’t wanna distract from the point of the thread.

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