Timo's Malin2Mizen Cycle for Cystic Fibrosis

Following three COVID postponements over the past 18 months, I will be cycling from Malin to Mizen Head for Cystic Fibrosis from Thursday September 16 to Sunday September 19, a total of 640km.

Due to the pandemic, Cystic Fibrosis Ireland along with many other charities, suffered a significant drop in income. My own fundraising efforts were curtailed by the pandemic in that I was unable to run a table quiz or even pass a sponsorship card around the office.

I have set up an idonate account and would appreciate if you would consider donating anything at all - even the price of a cappuccino.

The idonate page address is http://www.idonate.ie/TimORegan

Thanks for taking the time to read this.



@Timo I just amended your initial post to enable posters here to click on the link to your donation page.

The very best of luck with it :clap:

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Thanks @dcr22B Much appreciated.


Well done @Timo - that is a massive undertaking and I’m glad you are going from Malin to Mizen as that is downhill all the way.

Since the pandemic I have been setting aside a few bob every month for worthy causes because charities have been suffering greatly.

Even though you are a Chelsea fan I’ll gladly make a contribution - I would struggle to drive 640km in 4 days!! I’m sure all the wealthy posters here will do likewise and we can double your target!

Stay safe and best of luck.


Best of luck Timo, great thing to do, hope you get decent weather.
Has to be said though, should be fairly easy considering you’re going down the country…

Thanks @DUB09 and @5AliveOh Yes, how fiendishly clever of Cystic Fibrosis Ireland to run it from Malin to Mizen. Sure it’ll be just a long freewheel.

Thanks for outing me as a Chelsea supporter @DUB09 It’ll play havoc with my fundraising efforts but hey, 50 years ago I made my choice.

Early signs with the weather around then are pretty good. General pattern is for light winds or relatively light, and although quite possibly fine weather at times, it’s going to be cooler temperatures next week which would be ideal for you.

I’ve outed you on that before. I won’t tell them the other thing though. :grin:

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Just sponsored you there Tim - best of luck

Thanks a million Ron. Much appreciated.

So a special weather forecast just for your cycle Timo!

Thurs 16th - should be warm & mostly dry (always a chance of a rogue shower), and just a moderate south or SW breeze for the first half of the day. Second half it will probably cloud upwith a freshening southerly, rain arriving by evening. Hopefully you’ll have your cycling done or mostly so before it gets any way unpleasant.
Fri 17th - on the good side the wind will be dropping right off; on the downside it looks currently like the rain will be slow to clear, maybe during the second half of the day. Will still be very mild but the rain should help cool ya off!
Sat 18th - currently looks like a cooler, fresher day and mostly dry with light winds; rain a bit breezy approaching the southwest later but (??) I don’t think you’re arriving down there til…
Sun 19th - any bits of rain should be clearing/have cleared, and you’ll be left with a pleasant, fresh, bright or sunny day with a moderate west breeze to finish.

So overall, looks pretty good really! And what a fantastic cause. I had a job once in my younger days doing the catering for the wards in Elm Park Hospital, I have never forgotten the experience and effect of seeing the people on the CF ward, I always felt it was the hardest thing for people to have to deal with of anything I saw in the hospital or elsewhere then, and possibly since.

The very best of luck.

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Jaysus lads will yis throw an oul tenner at a fellow Resser who’s going to cycle the length of the country for a great cause. :clap::clap::clap:


Done, good luck


Thanks for the forecast @5AliveOh. I’ll take that. I’m usually more concerned about the wind than the rain. I wonder if they would be better off doing the cycle in the opposite direction when there is a better chance of taking advantage of the prevailing winds.

Once again, thanks very much to those who donated. It is much appreciated.

Thanks bigp. Much appreciated.

Good luck today and over the next three @Timo. Let us know how you’re getting on. Perhaps a few pics and the highlights of the day.

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Earth calling @Timo … all ok my friend? Don’t go Mizen in action!

Nearly €2,000 now!!! Awesome. Pile in folks

Good morning from Oranmore at the start of day 3. Heading for Mallow today. In the words of my favourite philosopher Jon Bon Jovi, we’re half way there.

The body is holding up well. The legs are fine. The arsehole is OK - but that’s enough about the sole Kerryman in our group.

@5AliveOh’s forecast has been pretty much spot on. No accidents and everyone pulling together.

Already looking forward to tomorrow night when our families will join us in Bantry.

Thanks @DUB09 and everyone for the support…and happy 10th anniversary everyone. One of the happiest days of my life.


Fantastic stuff Timo, maith an obair alainn! But,… Day 3??

Only seeing this now - (modest) contribution made. Well bloody done, @Timo