Tom Mulligan - 10 years on

A lovely and heartfelt interview with Tom Senior almost 10 years on from losing his son.


Wasn’t sure where to put this:


Great read & very sad . God for the life of me I can’t remember him playing for Dublin & I would have been going regularly to games then . Was it publiced much at the time ? . I wouldn’t have bought papers then & wouldn’t have had any interest in internet forums .

Tom played around 2002, 2003, played against Wexford down in Carlow, 2002, the day Ireland played ?? In the world cup!!!

Poor Tom was the inspiration behind us running a game of Ressers vs Dublin masters, which we won by a point, and in the process, creating funds for Pieta house. Still have the jersey, but it wouldn’t go anywhere near me now!

A very sad time, and it was quite widely reported at the time if I recall.


Fair play . I guess I must have missed it . Again I wouldn’t have been reading papers back then . And social media wasn’t really as big then as is now in reporting stuff , I might have heard about it & just forgotton about it if it was on the news , etc.

@MarysMan I’ve created a thread on its own for this.

Not to mention the Northside Vs Southside match were the Southside won but had the cup stolen.
in retaliation the spawell will be built and we will take the county grounds !!!


Who would be most like TM in current set up? EOG maybe?

ps Cup wasn’t stolen - Southsiders were just too mean to fill it!

I think Ojay mentioned that there will be something special being done for Tom’s 10th anniversary this year.

Good to hear.

Only 2008 team photo I have, Rochey giving his half time team talk. I think it mostly consited of ‘Honcho dont shoot’

2010 northside team that was actually played in 2011 because of the snow


Honcho, don’t shoot :joy::joy::joy:

Didn’t know Ressers fielded an over-40 [stone too] team.

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The rippling noise you hear, is the sound of me letting your jibe wash over my 6 pack abs…


Six pack of Stonehouse cider more like.




The bottom photo:


I can relate.

I played that day with Tom for Towers against Crokes in Div 1 league match that his Dad referenced in the article. He was immense in midfield that day for us. Still hard to fathom 10 years on.


I scored a decent goal that day too :smiley:

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