Top 8 after League

Based on league showing I would assess the top 8 as below …

Top 8


This not Div 1 for next year ?

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Yes it is actually!

I would have Donegal ahead of Tyrone at the moment, Tyrone went backwards towards the end of the league.

Also bubbling under would be Cavan, Meath and Tipperary

Monaghan need to beat a “big” team in Croke Park. They really need to do it this year and who know’s they might.

As in Dublin, Mayo or Kerry MM? Or is there any other you would put in the “big” bracket?

[quote=“Dub09, post:7, topic:1915”]
As in Dublin, Mayo or Kerry MM? Or is there any other you would put in the “big” bracket?
[/quote]They would love to put one over on Tyrone in Croker after the past couple of times.

Yes…Dublin, Kerry, Mayo and even Tyrone or Donegal. I know the mine field that is Ulster is tough but playing in the wide open spaces of Croke Park is a different matter and this Monaghan team have failed to do that…so far…

They have acquitted themselves very well in the League against us in Croker the last two times (could have won both() but don’t seem to do it in Champo.

Probably because they’re bolloxed after the Ulster campaign…

Monaghan ahead of Mayo?! They lost to Longford last year in championship FFS and have added nobody new since. This is the same as people calling McCarron one of the best forwards in the country, the lad is 24, has had injuries but still has not exactly
shone when he has played in his 5 or so years on the Monaghan panel.

Monaghan have done absolutely 0 in croke park, deservedly beaten by Tyrone x2 and hammered in '14.

I suppose the reality is there is a Top 3 (Dublin, Kerry and Mayo) and then another tier of 3 a bit further back (Tyrone, Donegal and Monaghan).

Dublin were more consistent than Kerry and finished 3 points ahead after 7 games

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. They are the League Champions and hence hot favs for Sam. We might make a semi …

Tipp a fair bit away yet . Meath are miles away yet

Galway have some lovely players . But do they have the steel

I think they’ll give Mayo plenty in Salthill. Meath are a good bit away but have certainly made strides under McEntee and as usual have a lot of pacy forwards …

A torn cruciate, a broken leg, a broken foot, shoulder surgery & numerous hamstring tears… how can he shine when he’s been through all of that?? The fact that he’s still playing football is an achievement in itself not to mention the league campaign he’s just delivered. Also, are you trying to suggest something by saying “the lad is 24”? Bernard Brogan only made his debut at 24!

They did - exactly seven days after losing an Ulster semi-final repay to Donegal. That defeat was solely down to the vagaries of our Championship set-up / timetable.

Outlining Monaghan’s current form, on that basis of that match, nine months later? ‘FFS’ indeed.

Do we still think Monaghan are on course for Sam lads?