Top 8 after League

I don’t think Monaghan were ever going to win Sam. A semi final place maybe would be the peak I could see them getting to. I do think we may have a habit of writing of a team based on one bad display though and hyping up a team on one good display (i.e Down).

Even Dublin were getting a bit of it after the Carlow game (team may be slipping/ageing a bit) but they blew that theory away against Westmeath.

Called the Leinster finalists and half the Connacht, Ulster and Munster finalists … :wink:

Well we can all agree that Jack McCarron’s ability was overestimated following 3 fairly poor championship displays…

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Are Mayo ?

They will get further than Monaghan anyway

Not answering the question

Don’t think you can compare Mayo to Monaghan but right now we are a million miles away from Sam in terms of this season. We can crawl our way back though…will we? Only time will tell.