Trans Women in Women's Football

No need for censorship, chief! You cannot magic this issue away, and it won’t help any minority if you try to. The GAA will have to have a position on the situation, and it will have to be the same as the stated position of women"s rugby, swimming etc, imho.


Part of the issue here is hiding it away and not talking about it. As long as there is nothing libellous or derogatory why can views not be expressed?

One of the biggest issues I see in this is when people express legitimate views and concerns they are shouted down. Now we can’t even express those concerns here. Not healthy IMO.


Think it should be discussed but away from the individual involved , this is bigger than one person and bigger than one code of a sport , therefore there’s probably room for a new thread to be started , but I think we all know that there are better minds than ours in sporting bodies wrestling with this topic , and not a chance all will be in agreement


yeah to be fair I think it was the incident in question was taken down as unsure how real it was

Yes exactly - we had photos of an individual, club, and a team - by all means, open a thread and discuss it in general terms.


I agree with that. And there were general posts here, questioning physicality, insurance and other things that were not specific to this weeks events.

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Well you know me, I’m a bulldozer, not a surgeon. :sweat_smile:


Now you’re getting a bit close to the bone there … so to speak. :joy:


I’m not going to put up any pictures or identify or question individuals, but it’s fact that Na Gaeil Aeracha won last night:

This is their tweet
CONGRATULATIONS to our #LGFA team on WINNING their Shield Cup Final and finally bringing home some silverware to NGA. We are so, SO proud of you all and can’t wait to see what’s next! Maith sibh agus treise libh.

And it’s a fact that the person in question, who identifies as she/her played. I was very dubious when I read that she scored 2-9 from play, but seeing the final scoreline on makes this possible (EDIT - I understand that the “scored 2-9” is likely a fabrication and she did not in fact score at all):

Go-Ahead Junior J Shield Final:
Na Fianna E 1-5, Na Gaeil Aeracha 7-11.

Context is very important and it should be noted that this is Junior J Shield. J meaning the 10th grade of junior, Na Fianna E being Na Fianna’s fifth women’s team and shield being shield! So this is the lowest grade possible, and presumably more social than competitive. I would imagine few if any playing at that grade object, so therefore neither should we.

But of course the discussion should take place re proper competitive action, and there presumably can only be one outcome - similar to other sports.

Dr. Tayto will see you now!!

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So female players can’t be follicly challenged?

I wouldn’t say that if Will Smith was nearby!


I was a spectator on the NF side. She didn’t score anything.

I can’t stress enough that our players did not feel in danger. Did not have a problem playing again na gael areacha, and the better team won at the end of the day. End of.

This is a social league at the lowest possible level available.

This is a discussion for the GAA and LGFA. I think the best anyone with worries can do is flag it to them and let them do their jobs. I just had a look on twitter and the club has had to make their account private because of the hate they’re receiving. I think people need to remember that there’s a poor person on the end of this hate and to be more mindful of the words they use.


I also think that the loudest voices on social hammering down on the LGBTQ+ community, spreading hateful messages, and blatantly refusing to listen to understand and instead listen to reply with a rebuttal are the accounts that have just been set up / have no personal information / no profile picture etc.

If you are so confident in your ‘opinions’, then stand by them proudly and don’t cower behind the guise of anonymity.


There was nobody ‘hiding’ the trans player. NGA released a trans policy online a few weeks ago. They are quite open about it.

There’s also a difference between people politely expressing their concerns and asking for the GAA and LGFA to comment on this issue, versus the blatant transphobia, homophobia, and prejudice that is being directed to their club. Spreading lies and hate is hardly admirable?


I don’t think so. The match that these lies stemmed from was Junior J. I know that because I was there. The player in question that allegedly scored 2-09 and ‘won’ the game for NGA was playing wing back or full back (can’t fully remember, but she was defence) and scored nothing. She barely touched the ball. So I feel like people are disguising ‘their concerns for the safety of women’ as an excuse to just be hateful and transphobic. Likely the same type of people that would be against bodily autonomy and safe abortion access for women.

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Nobody said they were. Read the post. I am not referring to any individual. I am referring to the issue in general.

And don’t ask me if speaking hate and lies are admirable because I certainly don’t do it. So I’d appreciate if you stick to facts if you want to discuss properly - and read what the posts say before replying.


Does the LGFA have a policy on this issue?

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This, is the kind of utter nonsense that people spew out, that discredits their case. If you have a case, make it, or don’t…

‘So I feel like people are disguising ‘their concerns for the safety of women’ as an excuse to just be hateful and transphobic. Likely the same type of people that would be against bodily autonomy and safe abortion access for women’…


Somebody did say it. But I didn’t actually mean to reply to you specifically.