Trans Women in Women's Football

Well I don’t hide behind anonymity. Never have. And I am very supportive of lgbt rights. But I do not believe, for any number of reasons, that a biological
male should be allowed to play contact sports against biological females. It is simply too dangerous. We’re heading down the road of huge lawsuits over head injuries etc. It’s been coming for years.

It is not hateful etc to suggest this. It is basic common sense.


Maybe you should edit the post then.

I posted this yesterday and will again .
The level of the game means nothing . It’s played under the same rule book as the all Ireland senior final
Also your a na Fianna person and that’s your 5 th team but other clubs smaller clubs don’t treat that level with that disrespect by calling it social football .


I’m in total agreement with the statement


Couldn’t agree more Alan. Well said.


This is an interesting take on this whole issue. Who are you or anyone else to assume that just because women are playing in a low division shield that few or any of them would object to a male born person playing against them ? That’s a hell of an assumption. Perhaps they don’t feel they can voice their concerns for fear of being labelled as hateful or transphobic .

Or maybe they will be assumed also to be these people below

Give me a break.


Can we keep details of specific matches out of the conversation please

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100% agree with Alans post.

It is not appropriate that a person can play Ladies football if that person was born as a biological male.

The idea that a player such as Brian Fenton could declare for the Dublin Ladies next season is beyond ridiculous. The fact that the games the person in the centre of this discussion is playing in a low level competition is irrelevant


My only issue with all of this is that I don’t like the idea of my daughter (who is eligible to play adult ladies football as a teenager), could be tackled and injured by someone with the genetics and physicality of a full grown man

NGA deserve great credit for what they are doing in providing a sporting organisation for the lgbtq community, and for that I have great respect


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Sorry but your comments about the level of football are very disrespectful. The afl11 thread is not treated like that .
Are you saying ……sure it’s only the lowest level let it go on?

Clubs like this (new emerging clubs btw) have a habit of growing . Look at how na Gael Oga grew and went up the divisions this team could easily be up 3/5 divisions in 4-5 years . What happens then ?


I also think it’s disappointing that numerous championship finals were played on Wednesday yet this is the story that emerges . . Maybe that was the intention .


Is it time for a mixed gender competition?

unless its non-contact how would that work. and are southsiders allowed to play?


The idea that he would want to is ridiculous. No disrespect to anyone of course.

But if the LGFA don’t have a policy on this, they better get moving.

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Played* a few mixed games in the US as a social thing. Men can’t shoulder the ladies. It relied on people not being arseholes more than anything.

*I still got the curley finger after 25 minutes :wink:


We’ve played them here as well, only in a social capacity. Great craic.

In real competitive football a 6ft 4" transwoman who has played a decent level of football as a male, would do serious damage in ladies football I would imagine. I think as you said there needs to be guidelines around this quickly.

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Note …I said COULD and not would.

I assume Croke Park will have a policy, similar to Rugby and a lot of other sports, on the situation very soon.

It is a very complex area and apart from insurance, the issues pertaining to the sharing of dressing rooms, Garda clearance, parental opposition to mixed teams etc would have to be addressed.

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Not supposed to be clattering people in the LGFA game but point taken.

more in reference to fielding etc… even if contact / shoulder was accidental, it would be some difference. Anyway its a very complex subject.