Trans Women in Women's Football

The fella without the seatbelt…!

Genocide! Jesus wept


But it’s not a sports ban?

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Literally no end to some people’s stupidity.


I don’t think Emily knows what genocide means.

I wasn’t aware transgender cyclists were a race of people? If you’ll pardon the pun.

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She’s burning bridges here

All together now —


Belter of a choon.

Worth a watch

Some amazing women and Daley Thompson , one of the few male athletes who has spoken out consistently on this matter . A few more have joined the fight in recent years.


A state in usa has banned trans men from competing in womens sports. This will probably set off a number of states who will follow.


well worth a watch. pity lgfa dont watch it.

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Apparently wearing rainbow striped socks and a pink helmet gets you into the women’s category and you can beat those lazy non testosterone fuelled women into second place
FFS :rage:

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Yeah, 240 km in distance but also 6 inches more in leg length, 10 inches more in over all height, 2 stone more of pure muscle and and oh yeah, 0 pelvic bone pain while cycling, as his pelvic skeleton is not constructed to accommodate another growing human being.

You forgot those… :roll_eyes:


Just don’t get the satisfaction they get out of winning, well the reality is the girl 240kms behind is winning the other bloke is coming first .


Sports always gonna have cheaters P.

You coukd ask

Agree on the cheaters, but this is not really cheating, when you cheat you try to hid it, these guys don’t seem to be bothered that everyone knows.

well i hope he is happy. jokeshop

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Girls 240km behind is clearly winning the women’s race. End of.

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Imagine a drug test was done and found out he was cheating while he was cheating.

Whatever about a close race but in a single sex race that type of lead would have a steward’s enquiry at least.

■■■■ him and he can go and ask his own bollix!